Tekin Pro4 4-Pole Brushless Motor w/5mm Shaft (4,600kV)

Tekin Pro4 4-Pole Brushless Motor w/5mm Shaft (4,600kV)
mitch sawss! - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! Wednesday, January 04, 2012
ppl for any1 considering this baby BUY IT. i ran it head to head with my freinds sidewinder sct and mmp sct combos and this monster when paired with the rx8 is unstopable. on 2s this beast killed the mmp and the sidewinder when they were both running 3s. this motor has been put through hell trust me. it says limit to 2s lol. on 2s itl do around 40mph depding on gearing i was on a hyper10sc 14/42. then i slapped in a 4s and it was easily doing 70mph. on 3s expect 55-60mph. this motor tho only "rated" to 2s can run 2s 3s 4s no probs. dont worry about heat. and if u have an rx8 u can unlock the raw power hidden with in this mini monster tons of get up and a ton of low end grunt to get it moving fast. with the rx8 hotwire timgin adv this motor will be pulling wheelies on ur sct even if u have a center diff pro4 4600 18.5mm rotor 4 pole 12 slot stater up to 190amp cont. draw senored Castle 1410 4pole 17mm rotor 4 pole 8 slot stater up to 75amp draw not sensored
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