OFNA DM-One Spec E 1/8th Electric 4WD On Road Sedan

OFNA DM-One Spec E 1/8th Electric 4WD On Road Sedan
jason winkler - Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! Verified Owner Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Very fun car ! If you have the electronics you cant beat the deal..it is no Serpent that's for sure but I have crashed it very hard doing speed runs and parking lot racing, crashed so loud you were sure it was going to be mangled. Never more than 10-$20 to get it going again. The tires it comes with are not very good and they smell horrible. I bought some Ipanema wide slicks. The motor mount not very adjustable. To do real speed runs going for 100+ you need a specialized adapter to use traxxas revo spurs. Otherwise you can only go down 1 or 2 teeth from stock spur. Still its very fast with this stock set up on 4s and on 6s too fast. Some people don't like the front shock setup and buy a carbonfiber stand up shock tower. I use a Castle mamba monster, Neu 1515 1.5d (2700kv) Savox1258tg servo, any normal ROAR size lipo fits.
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