MIP Pro4-Mance SCTE Chassis & Tuning Kit

MIP Pro4-Mance SCTE Chassis & Tuning Kit
Jason Carroll - Rating: 2 of 5 Stars! Verified Owner Monday, June 09, 2014
I had a 1.0 chassis and needed to upgrade it so it was this MIP or losi 2.0 chassis, i went with the MIP. Well ive raced it 4 times now with each day having 3-4 races, i hate it. All of the weight is in the back which makes it do several things i dont like, it jumps nose up most of the time and catches air in the front making the nose go even higher, of course all the weight in the back makes it worst, it comes down and all the weight in the back makes the chassis slap the ground hard(hardest losi springs w/40wt) in turn making the front slap down, then the front bounces up of the ground!(med spring MIP kit with 45wt). Also when the weight is in the back it causes the car to push bad, everyone is out steering me, im a top 3 driver in every race ive ever raced until i got this losi/MIP kit. The chassis has a TON of flex, it unnerving really, the center diff came completely loose due to flex and i lost 2 screws, i locktighted the heck out of it and still caught it coming loose. Another thing that annoys me is with weight in the rear you have to keep the back end from sliding out otherwise all the weight back there is hard to get back straight and its unpredictable. I'm really bummed i spent all that money on this truck just to make a loser. Got beat bad by a tekno, probly going that route next.
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