Kyosho DRX VE Subaru Impreza 1/8 ReadySet Electric Rally Car w/KT-200 2.4GHz Transmitter

Kyosho DRX VE Subaru Impreza 1/8 ReadySet Electric Rally Car w/KT-200 2.4GHz Transmitter
Robert Lai - Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! Verified Owner Sunday, August 26, 2012
Overall I am happy with the Car. There is only a problem with the ESC FAN not working. I tried it with a 7.4v and a 11.1v lipo the FAN won't turn. I then tried hooking up the fan to a 4 AA batteries supply (setup used to test Servo) and the Fan works! So my conclusion is that there is too much current or voltage to the Fan (the Fan is connected directly to the ESC) so it won't turn since usually small fan like this works on lower voltage. But the ESC should be designed to handle this (just like any other normal ESC like Mamba Max Pro out there). So given the " not so great ESC and what I am going to mention below about the electronics " I give this a 3 stars - anyway, in the future i might replace the ESC/Motor/Receiver/Servo - I just thought I might give Team Orion a try with this Car but I already anticipate problems with this stock setup so no surprise here and luckly this is not a big problem. There is enough room in the Radio box to hook up an extra connection fan to the big deal..I already purchased an extra ESC Fan (better one). Also, at slow speed the car don't run smooth, it tends to "Jump" start even when starting slow. Unlike my Castle power system feel. I have tried all the settings of the ESC (you need to use the remote to program) but just can't fix this....oh well... ... The Servo --- replace a better one....the stock is too slow. So there are some imperfection to the electronics....but that's already anticipated by myself. And this will be my last RTR (this is my 2nd one since the Lazer ZX-5 1/10 4wd buggy)...I really wish they have a kit.....but thought I try this 1/9 Rally class...looks interesting. So my conclusion: This kit/RTR is meant for beginners. If you ran a few RC cars/trucks with your own setup (off road or on road) you will not be satisfied with the performance of the electronics. In terms of the performance (turns, weight balance etc) this will meet most of your expectation. The shell and golden wheels (subaru) are lovely...the look is good. I give this a 3 / 5 from my perspective with the performance and Quality you get with the money you used to buy this car. Forgot to mention, this car can pretty much run out of the box...the toe in toe out, shocks setting, diffs...are pretty good to run. You can redo the diffs and put in the sway bars (front and rear) to get more optimal performance but if just trying it out and bashing it around, the stock out of the box setup will do the job. Some people recommend adding 2 extra gears in each of the diff to use lower weight diff oil but I couldn't be bothered...if I need maintain the diffs, I will just add thicker oil to the diffs. I'm not going to race this, is more show off to my friends and running in the park. But I did buy the front and rear sway bars. Again, this is a 3/5 car in terms of money, Quality and performance.
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