Pro-Line Performance Transmission

Pro-Line Performance Transmission
C 2 tha G - Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! Verified Owner Friday, February 08, 2013
edited review on 2-8. Original review follows the edit. So after getting the trans on and running it two times all of the plastic. yes plastic internal gears have stripped. I have called and talked to proline and there have been issues with the gears. Proline customer service is great and they have replaced the parts. Problem is the parts themselves. I believe the upgraded idler gear will with stand some abuse as its metal now, however the diff case is still plastic. Everything else is awesome about the trans except the internal gears. Replace with a Hot Racing (Part #TE38Pro) steel idler gear and aluminum diff case with hardened gear. this diff is freakin awesome, only on ebay though. Guy had fast shipping and it was only 35 bucks. Definitely worth the price for headache free difff. Put this on a new Proline pro-2 chassis and it fits wonderfully. One big problem: if you want to put an aftermarket bumper like an RPM( .... or any bumper from the looks of it) on this transmission be prepared to shim and have a bear of a time mounting it centered. Luckily there's a set of screws that come in the trans kit that helped a bit in this problem. I used a couple of plastic 1/8th suspension alignment (like associated part ASC9273) to line the bumper up on center and used the ultra long screws to screw the RPM bumper to the Proline plate. Will see how many hits it lasts as I liked the look of a bumper on the truck. Proline should definitely try to get a mount setup option available. Side note: Proline customer service is fantastic. The trans I received did not have the rear arm mount plate in the package. Called up same day and they shipped out for free within the week. Awesome service!
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