Blade Nano CP X Bind-N-Fly Electric Helicopter

Blade Nano CP X Bind-N-Fly Electric Helicopter
Nicholas Dunford - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! Tuesday, December 25, 2012
This was my first CP Heli. Flew the MQX for awhile to learn orientation and then put a good amount of time in on the simulator. First battery pack to practice hovering on normal, next two to practice hovering on stunt mode. From there started flying inverted and haven't looked back. Great little Heli that makes flipping stress free due very good durability. Can't handle much wind but that is a given at just over an ounce in weight. Fly over grass and keep a finger on the hold switch and you'll never break this thing. The tail is a little slow, but not bad for a motored setup. Decent tail hold and just a little wobble. Best part is that it uses all those 1s 150mah packs you have lying around. Although if you're going to push the copter, use a good lipo otherwise the motor can bog while inverted.
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