Team Associated ProLite 4x4 RTR Brushless 4WD Short Course Truck w/2.4GHz & 7-Cell NiMH

Team Associated ProLite 4x4 RTR Brushless 4WD Short Course Truck w/2.4GHz & 7-Cell NiMH
Franklin Celico - Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! Friday, June 20, 2014
Follow up. I have driven the Prolite mostly for bashing and not the track. That said negatives for me have been - The most annoying thing about the truck for me is the frequency the grub screws back out even when using locktite and especially since running a lipo. I keep a driver in my pocket when driving it. Second is the body posts, as others have said, they are a real weakness and have broken often. I ended up retrofitting RPM posts for a Slash or Stampede - see YouTube for instructions - and that's solved that. Third - sort of like 2nd - is lack of parts options and (un)availability of them at the local hobby store. 4th it's not the easiest vehicle to work on because of the design - the brace needs to come off for about everything and the differentials are especially a pain to get to. Positives - except for the posts, it's been as good as if not better than anything I've driven as far as breakage goes and my experience is everything fast breaks fairly regularly. 2nd - It stays wheels down a lot, which is nice. 3rd it really flies with a lipo. 4th it's a well equipped RTR for the price. The truck is advertised as being good in the back yard and I'd say that's probably true but in hindsight for me a Stampede type truck would have been a better choice because of the type of driving I do where more clearance would have been a better choice. I like me 'Pede but it has had its own set of issues...I'll put a review in the Stampede section. All said I still think this would probably be a good RTR choice especially at the price for mostly track use as it is very fast and flies and drives well but, not that I have driven one, which is a BIG disclaimer, I would have spent the extra to begin with and picked up a Slash if I did it over because there are so many upgrade and replacement part options and parts are much more readily available at the local hobby shop. Anyway, I bought a bunch of extra parts after I realized (I should have thought of it before buying) I needed to have them on hand, so I'm fairly well invested and will keep it. From here all I'll probably do is set up the suspension stiffer and taller, which I think will help for better bashing fun. Finally, as a general comment, IN MY OPINION 4wd is overrated. It's great for more precise control/easier to drive but doesn't add a lot to the fun factor if you're mostly just messing around especially because the extra differential means more, more time consuming and more costly repairs and driving with 2wd is more just different than better.
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