ProTek RC 100SS Standard Digital "Super Speed" Metal Gear Servo

ProTek RC 100SS Standard Digital "Super Speed" Metal Gear Servo
Chris Elena - Rating: 1 of 5 Stars! Verified Owner Friday, February 28, 2014
Let me start by saying that Amain hobbies customer service is top notch, and exactly why an occasional bad product experience does not stop me from doing business with them even though ProTek is their brand. Like most people, I ordered this servo as an upgrade from the RTR servo (for my son), the price is right and the specs are too good to be true for the price point. I have used lots of ProTek stuff before and I am usually very happy with their products. However, these servos are hot garbage, plain and simple. I will say that we are off road track racers only, no bashing or any kind of abuse. First servo lasted about two races, then got a mind of its own and started wandering and glitching really bad, sometimes all the way from lock to lock on its own. It would constantly lose center also. This cost my son what was going to be his first Amain win ever as it happened half way through his race. I sent it back and they gave me another one. I installed it and my son ran two packs through it until it literally just died. No response at all, just dead to the world. I did extensive troubleshooting and verified it was the servo. So they sent me another one. This third servo lasted about one race before it started glitching exactly like the first one did. Every time they sent me a brand new servo, so this was three different failed units in a row. Every time I did extensive trouble shooting to rule out radio or related issues. It was just three bad servos in a row, plain and simple. I would be ok with one bad servo, maybe even two, but three in a row is a statement about a serious product issue in my book. Love ProTek products, like their batteries for example, but I would stay away from their low grade servos until they get out a wicked hot iron to get the wrinkles in this product out. I replaced it with a XP servo that cost about $100 and have not had a single problem 10 full races with heats later and counting.
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