J1S Designs "Cyclone" Carbon Fiber Flybarless Main Blade Set (695mm)

J1S Designs "Cyclone" Carbon Fiber Flybarless Main Blade Set (695mm)
Stephan Sila - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! Verified Owner Sunday, May 19, 2013
I'm nowhere near the caliber of pilot as Greggor or Brian, but I HAD to write to tell about my experience with these new blades. Now, I'm a fair pilot able to do a few things, so maybe that's why I had such an amazing experience. I have them on my Compass 7HV and my Align 700 V3 so far with plans to throw additional sets on my Goblin 700 and Align V1 700. Yes, I think they're that amazing (I bought 5 sets)! I immediately noticed how quickly the Compass came off the ground, and how responsive the collective felt. You can hear the difference in the sound the blades make, too. Especially when flying big air, I noticed the lack of speed decay in loops or hurricanes. My Compass was going so fast, I wasn't sure how I was going to exit the loops! I remember overhearing Greggor comment on how well they "tracked," which I never really experienced before until I felt it in the Compass. The biggest two differences I noticed was the lack of pitch necessary to complete maneuvers and how quickly the heli transitions from forward to backward flight. My times increased because I backed way off on the collective (I'm using the same mechanical pitch of 13.5 degrees). I realized I didn't need to use full pitch when I could get the same thing done with half. It actually taught me better collective managemement. And when I transition from an upright nose first loop immediately into an inverted tail first loop, the flip is so FAST! Very little speed decay as I have experienced before. Both my helis had 695mm Edge SE's before. I was completely convinced when I flew my Align V3 harder than I've ever dared. It's quite the endorsement when Greggor stops to tell me I was "ripping it up!" All I could say was, "It's these blades! They're awesome!" I'm sure the grin was telling enough.... Thanks, Tim! Well done!
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