Team Associated B5 Team Rear Motor 2WD Competition Electric Buggy Kit

Team Associated B5 Team Rear Motor 2WD Competition Electric Buggy Kit
Antone "BADANDY" Anderson - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! Saturday, April 26, 2014
I didn't purchase my B5 through A-Main but I am an avid shopper on the site. The B5 is one of the best builds I have had the pleasure of...well building. All of the parts are well cut and there is no flashing on any of the molded pieces. The only exception is the shock pieces which still come as a tree. You will need a hobby knife to ensure the flashing is removed once you pull them off. With that said it is possible to remove the pieces and get 0 flashing, but its nice to make sure. The car is super tough. Don't let the fact that spares are scarce deter you from purchasing. After some pretty gnarly 17.5 racing and a few scary moments the buggy came out unscathed. The B4.2 would have definately been subjected to the dreaded DNF on the heat sheet. This buggy can handle the bump and bruises of racing. The arms are beefy and the front end is stout. Once you assemble the buggy everything is going to be tight. Running the buggy on the track for a while, it begins to break in and perform like a winner. The shocks are butter smooth and soak up the big jumps and rough sections. It just feels faster and more planted going around the circuit. Maintenance is a breeze, and previous AE drivers will be happy to hear that AE ditched those ohh so tiny .050 screws. 17.5 racers will notice the weight is about the wame as the B4.2. The LW topshaft is available and Pucks is available for preorder. So yes, you can gave all of your goodies like you had in your B4.2. I did opt for the alum steering pieces and noticed steering holding power consistant through and through. The battery compartment will house ESC, switch, and RX without needing the RX tray. There is enough room on the sides to wedge your MyLaps Xponder on its side secured with velcro. Take note when building the steering rack. Ensure that all pieces are oriented the correct way. The bearings come prepacked with grease and will need to be cleaned with a car cleaner aerosol to get that free spinning effect that we all crave. However they are useable. AE has done it again with a quality product. The buggy is so good that I can't imagine what the Factory Team edition will have. Outstanding
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