Pro-Line Chisel 2.2" Truck Tire w/Memory Foam (2) (G8)

Pro-Line Chisel 2.2" Truck Tire w/Memory Foam (2) (G8)
Greg Barmore - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! Wednesday, April 28, 2010
J. Awesome review, this is what we need, thourough reviews, thank you! I have also experienced the difference between the Comp Claws and the Chisels first hand. My buddy has the G8's on a Losi Comp Crawler and I was running the Comp Claws and the Hot Bodies Rovers. I have to say that the G8's not only exhibited superior traction but they last a lifetime apparently. We beat our trucks for about 3 days straight on Granite in a dam area near Black River Falls WI and the Chisels showed almost no wear where the Claws were obviously worn and almost needed to be rotated already. The chisels are soft, so sidehilling as you said is perhaps a bit more of a challenge but not too bad. The tradeoff for the small difference in sidehilling is better traction, wear, and clearance, I think that is a fair trade for a superior performing tire overall. I would encourage people to have a set of these in their bag. I still like the Claws, but as J said, if I could only have one set, I would have the Proline Chisel G8's.
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