RPM Bumper Mount (Black) (Rustler,Stampede,Bandit,Slash)

RPM Bumper Mount (Black) (Rustler,Stampede,Bandit,Slash)
Gunnar - Rating: 2 of 5 Stars! Verified Owner Thursday, January 12, 2012
Not too thrilled with this product. Granted, the stock Slash option isn't ideal either (unhooking on one side, digging up dirt and eventually breaking) but this unit has the following flaws: 1 - It makes it more time consuming to take off the gear cover (yes, only one nut but still). The included screw for that is also too short so the luck nut doesn't actually get far enough for the nylon to engage. 2 - It doesn't fit that well. The three mounting holes on each side are not perfectly aligned with the transmission case. You can get it there but if you use it as is it does stress the screws more then needed and make it more time consuming to take on/off as well. 3 - And worst, the holes for mounting the actual bumper are too shallow and the stock screws bottom out before the bumper is properly seated. So, if you get this unit, use a longer screw for 1, adjust the holes for 2, and for 3, shorten the screws or make the holes deeper if you have the equipment for that.
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