Parma PSE FasBlack Faskolor Lexan Body Paint (2oz)

Parma PSE FasBlack Faskolor Lexan Body Paint (2oz)
justin neruda - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! Verified Owner Tuesday, August 09, 2011
THIS PAINT RULES!!!! and no I do not work for parma. I paint rc bodies professionally and this is the paint. I paint all brands, Proline, jconcepts, traxxas, team, ect. and it bonds with all. The paint outlasts the body. I have tried other paints and this paint has all them beat. What I love about the paint is its very workable. Its dry time is very fast. By the time I change colors its dry. So no in between color down time. Also it doesn't have that rubbery feel that some water based lexan paints do. So I can apply many coats over a laytex mask and I wont have to re-cut my mask lines because the paint fused with the laytex. The paint has no fumes like oil based paint so i can airbrush indoors with a dustmask. The one thing you have to do when your finished with your paint job is spray a sealer coat. The paint by itself can wash away with water, (can be a good thing if you make a mistake), so I use a waterbased sealer like "auto-air colors" or a spay can of lexan body paint to seal.
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