ProTek RC 5x11x4mm Rubber Sealed "Speed" Clutch Bearings (10)

ProTek RC 5x11x4mm Rubber Sealed "Speed" Clutch Bearings (10)
J. - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! Verified Owner Thursday, July 23, 2009
I tend to trash bearings fairly quickly on my Rustler VXL. Too many cock-eyed landings. I've been through a fair amount of these bearings and have been extremely pleased with them. The price is great and my wheels spin just as long and just as easy as they do with the more expensive Traxxas bearings. Personally, I prefer these because it's not expensive for me to swap out bearings whenever they get too beat up to spin perfectly smoothly. Between the crashes and the dust, they take quite a beating. I don't know what others do, but I've had the best from these if I put a drop or two of thin motor oil (like what I run in my pickup) on each side of the bearings, let them sit for a minute to soak up the oil, then wipe them off before installing them.
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