ProTek RC Announces "TruGrip" Traction Compounds

Chico, Ca, February 12, 2013 – Put your ride on rails with ProTek RC’s “TruGrip” Traction Compounds. Available in three strengths, so you’ll be hooked up on every type of surface.

 ProTek RC’s “TruGrip” is offered in light, medium, and maximum strength formulas. The compounds are colored-coded for easy identification. TruGrip is shipped in convenient four-ounce bottles that are easily stowed in your pit bag or toolbox. A pump-style sprayer produces a fine mist, so you to can coat your tires evenly without wasting excess additive.


ProTek RC TruGrip “Light” Traction Compound is perfect for racers looking for a little extra traction and tire softening. The additive will slightly soften your rubber tires providing additional grip. Racers will also prefer using the TruGrip Light Traction Compound in hotter temperatures and on hard-packed, dry dusty surfaces.

ProTek RC TruGrip “Medium” Traction Compound is perfect for racers who use traction additives regularly for racing. The TruGrip Medium Compound will significantly soften tires, which is preferred for clay indoor tracks with average traction. TruGrip Medium is also preferred for dry, slick conditions.

ProTek RC TruGrip “Maximum” Traction Compound is ideal for racers looking for maximum tire softening. Using the Maximum traction compound will speed up the break-in process for clay-specific rubber tires.  The Maximum Traction Compound will greatly increase traction, especially during colder temperatures.

CLICK HERE to view ProTek RC’s “TruGrip” Traction Compounds.

 TruGrip Compounds 

-       ProTek RC “TruGrip” Light Traction Tire Compound (PTK-1630)

-       ProTek RC “TruGrip” Medium Traction Tire Compound (PTK-1620)

-       ProTek RC “TruGrip” Maximum Traction Tire Compound (PTK-1610) 

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