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charles day
Thursday, Nov 24 2011 (about 3 years ago) $100 Gift Voucher
None of the reviews above even make sense at all.. They made me feel dumb just reading them. Anyways great gift for ANYONE ;]
Eric Rosario
Sunday, Jul 1 2012 (about 3 years ago) $100 Gift Voucher
Best online store ever!! can I send you a photo of my Rustler..? I'm all about AMH!!!
Josh Hardwick
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Dec 9 2009 (about 5 years ago) $100 Gift Voucher
its kl well u can use it for anything buying stuff strait off or save up some more vouchers to buy a specific part like im saving for a RC8Te
Logan Scarry
Tuesday, Oct 19 2010 (about 4 years ago) $100 Gift Voucher
WOW!!! shurly i thought amainhobbies was good glad they acnt stop it form going HAHA!!!