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Dylan Cochran
Saturday, Feb 16 2013 (about 2 years ago)
HPI Dual Disk Brake Set (Stainless Steel)
ok these brakes are ok but one thing is wrong the disks are not round its a ovel and the adapters (were the drive shaft meets the dif) is smaller than the stock joints. one last thing on the pack it says (HPI DULE DISK BRAKE SET(HPI SAVAGE) AND NOT THE SAVAGE X OR XL ) SRRY FOR CAPS BUTTON FELL OFF
Ron Ruesch
Verified Owner
Sunday, Feb 24 2008 (about 7 years ago)
HPI Dual Disk Brake Set (Stainless Steel)
i have always had problems with braking with the savage x 4.6 and its always been my only complaint about the truck, I bent the stock discs and these were really doing a lot better, a lot more stopping power, until I ripped a brake pad in half (the actual pad part, not the metal). I feel like it should have 4 pads for the dual discs instead of just two, because its metal against metal on one part of the dual brakes. ordering new pads though, but when they work, they worked very well.