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Westen Stonehocker
Sunday, May 13 2012 (about 2 years ago)
HPI Savage High-Performance Suspension Conversion Set
Pro: Kit looks good on truck, Allows for minor steering adjustments Con(s): Kit pushed tightly against shock springs, Kit requires major filing of Gear Box/Bulk Head to fit custom parts. (Surprised a HPI designed kit would require filing of plastic parts which weakens them) Kit contains some screws which thread into Aluminum and STRIP. Poor design. Kit does contain bolts/nuts which are good. Steering can only be adjusted so much as aluminum pieces don't allow for full steering extension without rubbing. Overall I was very excited to receive this kit, and after my 3rd weekend driving I removed all parts except for rear components (those held up just fine). Prior to kit I hadn't broke A-arms, however after installing the kit, I have broke 4 A-arms, among some other minor parts due to having aluminum on plastic. Hope this helps someone else save 150.00. Buy wheels with 1/2 offset. Will have same desired outcome.