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Rc crazy
Friday, Mar 25 2011 (about 4 years ago)
JR Z590M Torque Race Metal Gear Servo
Warning: Do Not Buy this servo!! The jr 9100 are a true gem but these are seriously junk. I bought one and had it fail completely..meaning the motor burned out in 3 months...using it for steering on a 10th scale with very smooth links. Bought anther one thinking I might of had a lemon and you guessed it...samething. This time it was on the throttle on a nitro car and regardless of having a failsafe on my radio it did absolutely nothing since the motor burned out and caused a runaway at the track. Plz customers buy the jr 9100 they the best servos out ther..I have them in my d8 and race every weekend with them. In short you will absolutely get what u pay for. Peace out.
Matt Rossman
Verified Owner
Sunday, Sep 4 2011 (about 3 years ago)
JR Z590M Torque Race Metal Gear Servo
This is a great servo. I've been using mine for a year on my mugen MBX6T for throttle and have had no problem. Great servo for the price, and it's metal gear!
Speedy D
Friday, Jun 4 2010 (about 4 years ago)
JR Z590M Torque Race Metal Gear Servo
Hey Keith, This servo is NOT designed for 1/8 scale!! It's only got 85oz. You're gonna need at least 100oz. or better for the throttle/brake on a 1/8 scale setup. Might try a Futaba 3305. It has 124oz. & it's metal geared. Won't break the bank @ $33 bucks either & it's less than you paid for the JR (not to mention better)!!! I have them installed on my 1/8 Ofna Dirt Oval Pro running a PTM Novarossi Toro Nero. Stops on a dime & makes change!!!
keith brown
Thursday, Jun 3 2010 (about 5 years ago)
JR Z590M Torque Race Metal Gear Servo
I've burned out two of these in my eight 2.0, not even up to the task of handiling throttle/brake at all. If you want a good servo, get a hitec or futaba. These are junk, they slop out fast and die soon after