Kyosho Inferno VE ReadySet 4WD Brushless Electric Race Spec 1/8 Off Road Buggy w/Syncro 2.4GHz

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This is the Kyosho Inferno VE ReadySet 4WD Brushless Electric Race Spec 1/8 Off Road Buggy. Developed in collaboration with Team Orion’s Oscar Jansen in the 104° F (40° Celsius) heat of the World Championship track in Thailand, this machine has been designed for quality 1/8 buggy performance under the most extreme conditions, straight out of the box! The success of the electric Inferno VE buggy was built on the design DNA of the multiple World Championship winning Inferno, now the VE has been taken to the next level with the Inferno VE Race Spec. The burst of high-torque acceleration from the “Team Orion Vortex 8 Brushless System” can be felt immediately upon take off. Big Bore shocks and front / rear stabilizers come standard on the new Race Spec VE. Also fumbling around with crystals are a thing of the past with the newly developed Syncro 2.4GHz radio system that automatically delivers faster interference free control for the most advanced performance and technology in an electric racing buggy.


  • Syncro 2.4GHz: A stylish FHSS 2.4GHz rc system featuring dual rate functions has been pre-installed with a 4 channel receiver.
  • High Torque Metal Gear Servo: Equipped with a high torque metal gear KS-200 servo for the best performance right out of the box.
  • Threaded Big Bore Shocks: Heavy duty big bore oil shocks are included as standard equipment to handle even the harshest punishment for long periods without buckling and provides excellent damping power. Strong 3.5mm shafts deliver smooth and effective damping for sure-footed performance on a wide range of surfaces.
  • Large Diameter Wheels: The VE Race Spec comes equipped with the same strong wheels as the MP9 competition kit.
  • Kyosho Tires: Micro-square pattern tires are pre-mounted giving you full traction on a wide range of surfaces.
  • Super Air Flow Body: Includes a factory-painted body that efficiently channels airflow for a greater aerodynamic effect.
  • Flexibility & Rigidity: Composite torque rods in front and rear deliver optimal flexibility and rigidity along the chassis, increasing the effectiveness of the suspension for greater traction and consistent handling.
  • Ball Bearings: Full ball bearings throughout the entire chassis for maximum efficiency.
  • Tough Buggy: Factory-assembled chassis shares the same tough characteristics and low center of gravity s the World Championship winning Inferno 7.5.
  • 4WD: Shaft-driven 4WD chassis with three differentials.
  • Suspension Arms: Thicker suspension arms adds overall strength to the already robust nitro platform.
  • Spiral Gears: Precision machine-cut metal spiral gears in the front and rear differential ring and pinion delivers superior reliability, strength and efficiency.
  • Mud Guards: Mud guards are installed on the rear suspension arms to prevent dirt from collecting on the drive lines and getting inside the wheels. Each aspect of the Inferno VE Race Spec has been carefully considered for peak performance under the harshest conditions.

What is a Ready Set? A Readyset is a fully assembled model that includes nearly everything you need to run. Body Color scheme is complete so only consumables like batteries and 7.4v Lipo/7.2v NiMh are required so you can start operating the model without delay.

Additional Features:

  • Compatible with most 7.5 series parts
  • Heavy Duty Spiral Cut Ring/ Pinion
  • Adjustable Turnbuckles
  • Front and Rear Molded Chassis Brace
  • Super High Air Flow Body
  • Die-Cast Motor Mount
  • CNC Machined Steel Pinion Gear
  • Front Universal Driveshafts
  • EZ Gear Mesh Motor Mount
  • Team Orion Vortex R ESC System
  • Center Drive Shaft Guard
  • Super Deans Plugs
  • 10 Gauge Wire
  • Big Bore Shocks
  • 17mm Wheel Hubs
  • Rear, Center and Front Differentials
  • Real Time 4WD
  • High Torque Servo

Vortex Experience B/L Motor Specifications:
Can Size: 550
kV: 2000
Continuous Current: 85A
Peak Current: 160A
Max RPM: 60,000
Output Shaft: 5mm Heavy Duty
Sensorless: Yes
Cooling Fins: Yes

Vortex Experience R ESC Specifications:
Sensorless Brushless Only: Yes
Input Voltage: 6-12 Cells (NiMh) and 2S-4S (Lipo)
BEC Voltage: 6V
BEC Current: 3A
Continuous Max Current: 120A
Peak Current: 160A
Over Input Voltage Protection: Yes (Over 4S)
Low Voltage Cutoff: Programmable (Auto Detect 3.0V per Cell)
Thermal Protection: Yes (@ 96c)
Dimensions (WxL): 54x36.3mm
Weight: 109g

Chassis Specifications:
Scale: 1/8th
Length: 496mm (19.52in)
Width: 307mm (12.08in)
Height: 189mm (7.4in)
Wheelbase: 328mm (12.9in)
Gear Ratio: 13.2:1
Weight: 3,550g


  • Pre-Assembled Chassis
  • Pre-Painted Body
  • Team Orion Vortex 8 Motor
  • Team Orion Vortex R ESC
  • Syncro FHSS 2.4GHz RC System 
  • Cross Wrench

Needed to Complete:

  • (4) AA Batteries for Transmitter
  • One or Two 7.2 NiMH Stick Pack Batteries (3300mAh or higher) w/dean plugs
  • One or Two 2S- 1P LiPo Batteries w/deans plugs
  • One 3S- 1P Lipo w/deans plugs
  • Charger compatible with chosen battery chemistry

This product was added to our catalog on July 5, 2011.

Mark Montgomery
Monday, Jun 4 2012 (about 3 years ago)
Kyosho Inferno VE ReadySet 4WD Brushless Electric Race Spec 1/8 Off Road Buggy w/Syncro 2.4GHz
First off Ill say just getting into 1/8 Buggy is very expensive, I knew this when I bought this thing. BUT you shouldnt HAVE to replace multiple parts after just a few days on a track. The shock stays are HORRIBLE they bend the first few hard jumps or crashes. I understand parts are a necessity in this hobby, but for them to bend so badly and quickly! The front hubs also stripped after the 2nd day of practice at my local track. The wheel nuts to hold the wheels on also HAD to be replaces because the ones in the kit come off every few minutes. Last but not least the stock servo is total, absolute garbage but I knew that going in. Last but not least the back to hinge pins BOTH broke at pretty much the same time. A few hard jumps or landings and they will snap in two places, HORRIBLE qaulity metal there. The replacements are perfect, as they are more flexible and havent shown signs of wearing down after some pretty meaty jumps. But the breaking is not the worst part, the getting of parts is! Im not sure what parts to get either. 7.5? 777? MP what? The manual is very bad, and very vague on what to get. And if I buy replacement parts they will be the same quality! All in all this is a wonderful buggy. The motor/esc combo has tons of power and torque and gets this beast MOVING. When everying is in working order this thing can just plain fly around the track. I was easily keeping up with 8.2's and Losi's and even gave some nitro guys a run for there money. Im going to go 4 stars because of the parts issue.
Thursday, Feb 9 2012 (about 3 years ago)
Kyosho Inferno VE ReadySet 4WD Brushless Electric Race Spec 1/8 Off Road Buggy w/Syncro 2.4GHz
This Buggy is just amazing! Very Durable and very Fast! It's pretty good on a single 7cell nimh battery pack, but you just have to get 4s Lipo if you want the real fun! One thing i don't like about this buggy would be the Wheel nuts since they tend to get loose and eventually fall off. and also the stock tires aren't that good, they wear very fast on 4s. All in all, this is a great buggy!
Verified Owner
Thursday, Nov 8 2012 (about 2 years ago)
Kyosho Inferno VE ReadySet 4WD Brushless Electric Race Spec 1/8 Off Road Buggy w/Syncro 2.4GHz
I bought this buggy because I wanted a 1/8th scale to run on the new A Main outdoor track - and at the time it was drastically cheaper than putting together an RC8.2 or starting with an 8ight roller. The radio is garbage. It will lose signal if you look at it cross eyed. The stock tires only good for bashing on the street in front of your house. Throw them away. Perhaps most frustrating - every single bolt and nut on the entire car needs to be removed and Lock Tite applied. Other than that, the car is great. You need to add two teeth to the pinion, quality wheels and tires, and a new Tx/Rx. It handles great, it's very durable, the stock motor and esc are quick, and it can hang with the expensive cars on the track just fine. I would rather have the RTR 8.2, but it wasn't released until a week after I bought the Inferno.
Alexey Mikhaylov
Tuesday, Jul 10 2012 (about 3 years ago)
Kyosho Inferno VE ReadySet 4WD Brushless Electric Race Spec 1/8 Off Road Buggy w/Syncro 2.4GHz
Hello!!! VERY GOOD and strong for 4S!!! Immediately replace the wheel (cut tire on large trampolines really fast) and the rear outer axle control screws otherwise very reliable!!!
beth abernathy
Verified Owner
Sunday, Mar 10 2013 (about 2 years ago)
Kyosho Inferno VE ReadySet 4WD Brushless Electric Race Spec 1/8 Off Road Buggy w/Syncro 2.4GHz
My son has been driving 1/8 scale Aggressively for awhile and really likes the way the inferno handles. Unfortunately the car could not take the abuse of our local track. Just after a couple of batteries the list of parts was long. I would not recommend this product.
Bruno Amaral
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Nov 6 2012 (about 2 years ago)
Kyosho Inferno VE ReadySet 4WD Brushless Electric Race Spec 1/8 Off Road Buggy w/Syncro 2.4GHz
This car have a good performance at a off road track but the electronic part are simply TERRIBLE -The radio has interference -The servo gets stuck all the time -The ESC doens't corresponds correctly -The tires are simply TRASH, it breaks after 3 or 4 times at the track At my sincerely opinion, if you're looking for a 1/8 buggy you should buy the Vorza, Losi or the Kyosho MP9 because the Inferno VE is only disappointment I would like to thank all the readers of my message =) Att, Bruno
alec alcalde
Verified Owner
Thursday, May 17 2012 (about 3 years ago)
Kyosho Inferno VE ReadySet 4WD Brushless Electric Race Spec 1/8 Off Road Buggy w/Syncro 2.4GHz
This the best RC i have ever ran good top speed and good acceleration i bought this off amaninhobbies and boy they ship very fast i got mine like under seven days and i live in asia so it's good.I run this on two 2s 6200mah lipos so my inferno just flies i will again order from amainhobbies very good shiiping and customer service.
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