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Mark Merry
Verified Owner
Sunday, May 26 2013 (about 2 years ago)
O.S. 30VG (P) ES Electric Start
Was pretty excited to get this engine, but that was short lived:( Right off the bat the 1 way bearing was bad... So had to rob 1 from another engine. Broke the engine in as per instructions, but this thing will not hold a tune. It's all over the place and the folks from OS are little on help. They did however send me a new 1 way bearing, but what good is it if the engine won't run rite.. I have nearly a gallon of fuel thru the engine now. Sad to say I pulled this engine and replaced it with a HPI. Worst $249 I ever spent! And after this experience I doubt I'll ever buy another OS.
Chilion E. Belchie
Wednesday, May 21 2008 (about 7 years ago)
O.S. 30VG (P) ES Electric Start
I have this engine in my Cen Matrix Tr, and it kicks butt. Plenty of power. Takes a lot to break in, but once you do, watch out. The one thing that you have to watch out for is that it does run alittle hot, so keep a eye on it.
Renato Orlando Tomei
Verified Owner
Monday, Sep 24 2007 (about 7 years ago)
O.S. 30VG (P) ES Electric Start
Just Awesome! Dropped it into my Losi 8ight just for fun. Easy to run in, easy to tune and huge torque. If you´re not competing, this thing adds lots of fun to your bashing...
John Fietz
Sunday, Mar 16 2014 (about a year ago)
O.S. 30VG (P) ES Electric Start
Did not last very long and performed ok in an LST monster oval truck. Main bearing went very early as well as compression. On the good side, it was converted into a bump start motor for a truggy by grinding the the crank pin off designed for the roto start and installing the proper back plate as well as replacing the piston and cylinder. Now I can brag about its performance in a Kyosho STRR. Performance is exceptional as it snaps the STRR around the track. Never had any issues with fuel consumption as it won its very first race.
Joseph Katarba
Sunday, Sep 1 2013 (about a year ago)
O.S. 30VG (P) ES Electric Start
I have owned two of these bad boys and I would recommend them to anyone with a monster truck. I run them in my savages and no matter how I gear it they are wheely monsters. They were extremely easy to break in and tune. Just make sure if you get this motor make sure your drive train is strong and don't even think about using a plastic spur. No matter how good you get your gear mesh it will eat up the gears. So if you are looking for insane power and easy tuning this is your motor. They walk all over the LRPs and Axials.
Rafal Balcerzak
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jun 25 2011 (about 3 years ago)
O.S. 30VG (P) ES Electric Start
I've got two of these in my custom made 1/5 twin engine vehicle. Amazing thing is both engines acts exactly the same during break-in process. I'm checking rpm using laser/led tachometer and differences are very small in particular rpm bands. Temperatures are very similar as well (+/- 5-7 degrees Celsius) Engine(s) are very easy to break-in, very predicable. Factory setup is seriously rich, on the safe side. Amazing power. On very rich setup I can drift my 10kg-machine without problem. :-) I'm about to start fine tuning pretty soon so I guess I'll rip my diffs of with these two bustards. Highly recommended.
Daniel Martinez
Monday, Oct 1 2007 (about 7 years ago)
O.S. 30VG (P) ES Electric Start
I had this engine in my truggy and only lasted a gallon and a half and lost all the compersion. The sleeve falls apart and loses compersion. That coding in the sleeve. Get a navorossi!!!!!!!!!!!