ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)

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This is the ProTek R/C P-8 1/8 Scale Buggy Super Hauler Bag. The P-8 Super Hauler Bag has evolved, and now features a variety of improvements that make the P-8 a durable, high quality, easier to use piece of luggage. These improvements include plastic interior framing and additional velcro surfaces that secure the shelves on the sides and rear, to prevent the shelves from sagging and causing the drawers to hang up when they are being pulled out or slid into position. Protective zipper tabs have been added to the front cover to help protect the zippers during transportation, and a solid velcro strip has been added to the entire length of the lower portion of the front cover to help keep the cover secured. When the cover is rolled up there are now five velcro tabs (instead of three), that will help to prevent the cover from coming loose when its rolled up. Finally, the graphic on the front features the ProTek R/C checkered flag graphic, with a ProTek R/C logo on the rear flap.

The ProTek R/C P-8 super hauler bag was designed from the ground up for 1/8th scale buggy racers. The bag has space on top under a covered flap for storing all your tools, a place on the back for your setup board and storage compartments on the side for storing your setup equipment or other tools.

Inside the bag has three layers of drawers, with four split draws on the bottom (two each side by side above each other) and one large drawer on the top. These are the newer style Hauler Bags that have plastic inner boxes. The large drawer on the top is large enough to hold a 1/8th scale buggy with wing and wheels attached!

In addition, it is also very easy to tow the bag around the track as it features a heavy duty retractable handle and smooth trolley wheels. Also included is a carrying strap that can be moved out of the way to access tools in the top compartment, or adjusted to provide easy carrying of the bag.


Overall Bag Dimensions (WxHxD): 21.65x23.22x13.77"
Large Drawer Dimensions (WxHxD): 19.5x7.5x12.5"
Medium Drawer Dimensions (WxHxD):
Small Drawer Dimensions (WxHxD): 8.5x4.5x12.5"
*Dimensions may vary slightly due to manufacturers tolerances.

ProTek R/C is an A Main Hobbies Brand.

This product was added to our catalog on July 10, 2009.

Verified Owner
Monday, Feb 28 2011 (about 4 years ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
I continue to get compliments and "where'd you get that questions" all the time when I show up to the track with this bag. After a season or so of use and all the compliments figured it was time for a review. Bag is very durable, after a season of wear n tear you can hardly tell it's been out and about racing on over 25 trips. Recommend this bag to anyone who wants most of their gear in one spot - people freak when they see the car is inside the bag too :) You'll have tons of space with this bag and always have all your stuff in one spot!
Marshall O
Verified Owner
Saturday, Apr 27 2013 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
When I initially got ready to write this review, it was going to be 2 maybe 3 stars. I had the bag for about a week and developed a tear on the front flap of the tool compartment right at the stitching. I was pretty sure I didn't snag it on anything...but you never know. I contacted A-Main and they stepped up immediately and replaced my bag with a new one. Once I contacted them and sent some pics of the damage, the only questions they had was where to send the replacement. They sent a UPS call tag so I wasn't even out any money on the shipping. So, the customer service portion of this is top notch. On to the hauler bag...I really like it. The tool compartment on top is large enough to hold all the tools you need for a day at the track. There's a large flat pocket on the back of the hauler for your setup board. The front flap securing the 5 interior drawers has velcro to hold it up and out of the way at your pit. The drawers are well built and large enough. You could easily fit a 1/10 scale car in the large drawer on the top, 1/8 scale or short course would be a tight fit. But if you're like me and don't haul your cars inside the "hauler" bag, it's a great drawer to put tires in. Construction is top notch, customer service is second to none.
John Taylor
Verified Owner
Sunday, Sep 26 2010 (about 4 years ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
This is a duplicate of the Team Magic F8 1/8 bag, and I know as I have both of these. I had my Team Magic for over 5 years and then bought this as it looked the same. When I put it together the drawers were exact and tool tray was exact. Just realize you are getting a Blue Team Magic bag with Protek name on it, and HALF the price. I can easily fit 1/8 buggy with tires and wing in top drawer with other items. This is a great bag and the blue is way better then the orange color. THANKS!!
Justin Dizon
Verified Owner
Sunday, Dec 8 2013 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
This bag has everything but no CUP HOLDER!!! Not going to lie i was kinda disappointed.
Randy Chiappetta
Verified Owner
Sunday, Mar 4 2012 (about 3 years ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
I was skeptical at first for buying the hauler bag. Letís face it almost 200.00 bucks is a lot of money with times as bad as they are. When the box was home waiting for me I was surprised at how heavy it was. With assembling the hauler bag I was impressed on the craftsmanship and how heavy duty the plastic walls were and the outer zipper/Velcro pockets. The wheels and mounts are of great strength. Even with the drawers I was thinking they will break and or bend but with the reinforcement of the plastic handle and braces my concerns were no more. Itís great only having one bag to bring to the track where I had to bring three Rubbermaid containers before. So if youíre on the fence, donít be you wonít regret it!
ryan sagisi
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jun 22 2011 (about 3 years ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
Just purchased the "Version 2" bag. Ordered Sunday night and received it Tuesday. The bag was assembled very smoothly thanks to the instruction manual. The new plastic reinforcements makes this bag much more rigid then other bags i have seen or owned. The drawers open smoothly even with heavy items in them. I would say this is currently the best bag on the market!
Verified Owner
Monday, Dec 13 2010 (about 4 years ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
The hauler bag is largel and has plenty of usable space... holds all of my RC stuff with room left over. Although it has a few problems. One of the zipper broke the first week. The top drawer does not slide easy. (hangs up on the rivets that hold the slider for the t -handle) The carrying handle ripped out of the side of the bag. (cannot lift the bag any more) The second zipper broke after about a month of use. I did not expect it to be this delicate. Dissapointed that the quality was not better.. Colin
chris madsen
Verified Owner
Saturday, Apr 26 2014 (11 months ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
I wasnt impressed assembling this thing. Its basically cardboard made from plastic instead of paper. Its all held together internally with velcro, so the drawers wont ever hold the position you set it in. About a year in with this thing. No rips, no tears, no nothing. Super durable and I load this thing like a clown car. It is 65-70 lbs loaded. The drawers catch and wont slide in even with force. I have to literally beat the drawers into place. Pisses me off every time. So yeah, it hauls all my tools, 30 bottles of oil, traction compounds, wash tub, rags, manuals, large screw kit, drill with batteries and charger, dremel and accessories, digital mics, giant power supply, charger, and soldering station with accompanying tools. Still pisses me off every time I need to close a drawer. Oh well, I own it. This will probably last several more years, but I won't be buying another. Protek, make a box that we can slide our red and clear Plano boxes in and out like a Craftsman tool chest. Thank you.
Friday, Apr 25 2014 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
Thursday, Apr 24 2014 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
Been on the fence about this bag for quite some time now. Been through multiple duffle bags, bins, boxes, portable hand name it. I've been searching for custom luggage and bags for RC for years, and always came up short. I have even built my own hauler bag modeled after this one. I just couldn't come to terms with spending $200+ on something that will not make me better or faster at racing. Until reality FINALLY set in. After all the searching and effort trying to find an alternative to this bag it literally cost me well over $200. If you need the motivation to pull the trigger on this bag then consider my testament. After all, it's whats inside the bag that you are heavily invested in. I feel relieved to know that this bag is going to organize and protect all of my bits and pieces and look great in the living room while I'm not at the track. Can you say that about your stack of rubbermaid bins? If so, I'm sure your wife would disagree with you.
Kaleb Hamby
Verified Owner
Sunday, Aug 4 2013 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
This bag is great. I got tired of having to make several trips from my truck to the pits to get everything setup. This bag holds everything except my transmitter case. The construction is top notch. Everything seems very durable. The only downside is I saw a review that said is would hold a short course truck in the top drawer. That has not been the case for me. I tried my TLR22SCT with and without the drawer with no luck. I have not tried my Tekno yet but I don't figure it will work either. That wasn't a huge deal though because I race stadium trucks too saw I just keep it in the top drawer with my tires and strap my short course on top. If you are looking for a good bag to hold everything and make it easy to work out of at the track this is your bag.
Tyler Jacobs
Verified Owner
Monday, Oct 29 2012 (about 2 years ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
After attending my first non local race and having to take several trips up and down the stairs to get all my stuff into my hotel room I decided it was time to get a hauler. I made the right choice! There is so much room in this hauler. Any enthusiast to serious racer will appreciate the features of this hauler. From the set up board pouch on the back to the adjustable strap on top of this thing it will get you and all your gear to the track in one trip. During the summer on road season I had my car strapped to the top so I could show it off along with all of my gear, spares, tires and even camera equipment conveniently rolling behind me. This winter season I have 2 10th TCs and a 10th World GT all in the top drawer with room for an 18r all with bodies on. The bottom 4 drawers are perfect size to hold all of my spare components without having to remove them from their cases. I also have taken out a drawer and placed in 3 large Plano tackle boxes for all my small TC/Pan parts. The top of the hauler sports a nice angled location with individual straps to fit all of your tools. Behind the tool organizer is a plastic box made of the same material as the drawers which is easy to spill-proff for all the various liquids we use. In the pit hardware flying this hauler contains it all in one location at just the right height. Simply canít go wrong with this hauler. I would recommend this to a friend and or family member. All of your stuff in one trip, and perfectly organized.
Verified Owner
Monday, May 28 2012 (about 2 years ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
I wanted to update my first review. Shortly after posting it, "Heather", who must be a goddess of some kind, wrote me an e-mail to say that they were sending me a replacement skin for the case and to just send them back the defective one that I had. She even went as far as to run and pull the replacement case off of the truck that I had just ordered! I must say, I wish more companies had customer service like A-main does. Thanks for going the extra miles guys and you definitely not only kept a customer, but kept a happy one! I just hope the replacement is a bit more durable than the last one I had :)
Avid User
Verified Owner
Saturday, Mar 24 2012 (about 3 years ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
Hauler bag is great all around EXCEPT for one minor issue. The two plastic side panels are held at the top with plastic pieces of material to hold the top shelf and stop from sagging. Guess what, one was broke when I received (fell out when I was unboxing) and the other broke after the first week of use. It's a bad design and they use weak material. These pieces are pop riveted to the top plastic shelf. I simply took two pieces of metal right angle and screwed to top shelf. Fixed for good now. Hard to explain but once you see these flimsy pieces you'll know what I'm talking about. I could of returned but would have been no good as the material is just not strong enough. Other than that this bag has been awesome. Stores everything I take to the track and then some. Holds my buggy or short course (without wheels for the truck). Would definitely buy again.
Verified Owner
Sunday, Apr 18 2010 (about 5 years ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
*Update* Amain emailed me back and is sending me another bag, no questions asked.. That says a lot, they think it was just a bad run or maybe just a faulty zipper. Either way they are taking care of it and I trust that it was just something out of the ordinary. My last review was a little harsh and I wanted to be fair. Amain can't be beat and I will continue to buy all of my stuff from them.. -//- Save your $!!! I ordered this on 3-9-10 and used it about 4 times with 10th scale TC, indoors(not 8th scale buggy) and in that short time the front zipper has ripped over half way up, the top is weak and sags into the top drawer even w/o anything in the top!! I was expecting a lot more for the near $200 I spent on it. I am waiting on amain to get back with me since they own protek so we'll see how that goes. Go with the Team Magic or Racers Edge haulers over this one.
Ivan Dickson
Verified Owner
Thursday, Apr 23 2015 (3 days ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
Just want say what a AWESOME hauler bag...great quality. it's worth every dollar. I give this bag a rating of a 10 and 10 being the best!!!
Brandon Dyche
Sunday, Nov 23 2014 (5 months ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
I've had this pit bag for almost 1 year, and it has been okay. The stitching on the top zipper started ripping out almost immediately, but I repaired it myself. The stitching on the sewn in handle has come off repeatedly (and been repaired by myself), but I feel that may not be 100% the fault of the bag as I race frequently, and one of the tracks I race at has an upstairs pit area. If I had to purchase again, I would get a larger rolling bag without the compartments and just get some storage bins to put in it, mainly because those bags (Ogio, AKA, etc.) are more suited to heavier use and for air travel.
Chris Elena
Verified Owner
Monday, Oct 27 2014 (5 months ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
Great hauler! After seeing a bunch of guys at the track with these bags, I finally stepped up and got one. I had been using a contractor rolling bag from Home Depot, but with everything being top loaded and how I had to pull it orientated sideways through the pits, it was time to get a RC purpose driven bag. I donít have a ton of time on this bag yet, so I cannot speak to itís long term durability. However, the bag is very well constructed with some great features built in. I like the curved handle and surprisingly the drawers are very tough and sturdy, even though they are a weird plastic corrugated cardboard. This is typical of a lot of bags on the market, so it is obviously a common practice. The only thing I question is that the zippers feel a bit cheap and flimsy, I have not had one fail yet, but I would have liked to have had a more solid and heavier duty feeling zipper for peace of mind. I am just really careful when I zip and unzip the bag. Seems like all these bags are made by the same company, but with slight revisions. It would have been nice if this bag was just a little taller and wider to really have a lot of storage to utilize, especially when you race multiple classes. Some of the pockets are impeded by the straps, so you cannot easily open them without taking the strap off, which can be a little bit of a pain when you need access to one of the end pockets in a hurry before or after your pit setup or tear down. However, these are all not show stoppers and I am really talking about making the ďperfectĒ hauler bag, which nobody currently offers to the marketplace. Be prepared to purchase several plastic divider boxes or the like, unless you just want to have a bunch of junk drawers in your pit bag. I personally like the Plano ones, and if you get the right ones you can fit an amazing amount of stuff in this hauler.
Cooper Hurt
Friday, Aug 29 2014 (7 months ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
You can't beat this bag! If you are getting into racing and looking for a easier way to transport your stuff to trwck this is a must have! Buy with confidence!
Friday, Jul 25 2014 (9 months ago)
ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag (Plastic Inner Boxes)
This an awesome Hauler bag it has plenty of storage room for all your RC equipment along with a place to store your RC car of choice in the top drawer. I found it to be user friendly Nice Job Proteck i would be buying another one here soon

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