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Fred Jones
Friday, Apr 10 2015 (3 weeks ago)
RPM Mini Front Bumper (Black)
Works well and I don't see the issue with 4 screws. If you don't like 4 you can still run 2 under it and 2 for the bumper. The bumper kicks forward more and works better for RPM's from Arm kit for the B4.x
Chris Riddington
Sunday, Feb 10 2013 (about 2 years ago)
RPM Mini Front Bumper (Black)
Not a bad bumper but it uses 4 screws and the stock one uses two, I think with this one using all 4 screws it puts to much force onto the bulkhead which didn't fair well with these set-up. If you are a good driver and hitting things is not a usual for you then these would work, but if you crash like my kids do this one may give you problems.