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D.C. ampered
Verified Owner
Thursday, May 23 2013 (about 2 years ago)
Team Associated Factory Team 1/10 Camber Gauge
I bought this becuase i wanted something cheap that worked better than just using my eyeball since i had no gage. In that regard, it does work. It is certainly cheap enough and the gauge is easy to use, just put the # of the degree you want against the tire at the bottom, flip over and use for the other side. Drawbacks are there is no 1/2 degree measurements and the worst part is it isn't really tall enought to work on short course, 1/8 scale, or even stadium truck wheels. you have to put about a half inch block under the gauge to get it to reach the upper side of the tire and get a good measurement. It might work fine for 1/10 buggy wheels since they aren't as tall, but for what i need if for.. it's not to good. I should have just bought the Losi gauge in the first place and not been so cheap. :-(
Justin Ramage
Monday, Jul 1 2013 (about a year ago)
Team Associated Factory Team 1/10 Camber Gauge
This came with my RTR SC10. It works good enough if you don't any other alternitive. If you are looking for a camber guage then use the RPM or TLR ones.