Reviews for Vaterra Ford Raptor Pre-Runner 1/10 4WD RTR Truck w/DX2E 2.4GHz Radio System [VTR03009]

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Isaac Soria
Verified Owner
Sunday, Apr 5 2015 (7 weeks ago)
Vaterra Ford Raptor Pre-Runner 1/10 4WD RTR Truck w/DX2E 2.4GHz Radio System
I am going to provide a long review so to sum it all up, this truck is better than a traxxas slash 4x4, team associated prolite, and an ecx torment 4x4 and I highly recommend it. First thing I noticed about this truck is that it has tons of suspension travel, as much as you'd expect from a 1/8 monster truck. Stock suspension set up is very plush which provides a very scale and fun driving experience but doesn't like jumping very well. To fix this I added some 40wt shock oil and its handling and jumping significantly improved. In the air it does really well. Enough power to lift the nose up and good brakes to settle the nose down and after putting the stiffer oil in, the landings were quite smooth. The looks of this thing are awesome. only flaw is the body and the body posts are quite separated leaving for a lot of body rattling. To fix this I made my own foam body washers and now, even when jumping, you cant even hear the body. Electronics are good. I have been a huge fan a dynamite electronics but I feel this truck isn't suited for what they have provided. I do all my running on 2s and the motor gets very hot. Also the ESC fan sometimes doesn't want to start up. But the system provides good power and speed. On a 2s I'm assuming I'm getting around 35 mph. It feels much faster when you have the stiffer oil. Tires aren't too bad. Really fun on the street but not too good on dirt but the AVC makes up for all the lost traction. Gear mesh is really tight and loud and unfortunately that CANNOT be adjusted. I was dissapointed that this truck has plastic driveshafts but they are actually constructed really well and I don't see one breaking any time soon. I have put a few hard battery packs through this truck at the bmx park and durablility has been great. No problems at all. Truck is also quite easy to do maintenance on but BEWARE OF SQUEAKING.From the driveshafts to all the links, everything is super stiff. Make sure to put some wd40 on the driveshaft joints and all the steering racks or else you'll end up with a really squeaky ride. Overall this is a super fun truck and you can make it handle a lot better for only a few bucks. Super durable and a reliable drivetrain. I would highly recommend this to someone who just wants a fun vehicle to someone who is looking to purchase their first brushless truck.
Michael Cason
Monday, May 19 2014 (about a year ago)
Vaterra Ford Raptor Pre-Runner 1/10 4WD RTR Truck w/DX2E 2.4GHz Radio System
This is an awesome SC Truck! I highly recommend it. Fast and controllable. A real looking rig when its ripping up the desert. Tough also! GET THIS TRUCK YOU WONT BE SORRY!!!