Reviews for X Factory X-6 Cubed B4 Conversion Kit (B4/4.1/4.2) [XFCK030]

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Mark Samuelson
Wednesday, Oct 23 2013 (about a year ago)
X Factory X-6 Cubed B4 Conversion Kit (B4/4.1/4.2)
The car is great. I know there is a huge back-order on them, but it is totally worth the wait. Very smooth and has a ton of different was of tuning the car. Went together very well, couldn't be happier with it!
Wayne Pettitt-Jones
Monday, Dec 9 2013 (about a year ago)
X Factory X-6 Cubed B4 Conversion Kit (B4/4.1/4.2)
I hope the conversion is no reflection of the guy's on the youtube video.
John Worley
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jul 9 2014 (10 months ago)
X Factory X-6 Cubed B4 Conversion Kit (B4/4.1/4.2)
Just put this kit together and I found it to be not the easiest to assemble. A lot of the carbon fiber parts did not fit perfect so I had to grind down some areas to make them fit. Also the kit did not provide enough screws but no big deal I had plenty of extras lying around. The worst part is the steering assembly hits the left support brackets so you don't get full left steering unless you grind down the brackets pretty thin and still hits a bit. Also the body and wing are terrible looking, about as basic as it gets. On a good note the car looks awesome with the carbon fiber and is really light weight. I haven't driven it yet so we'll see how it compares to my B5m.
Jason Violet
Thursday, Jan 16 2014 (about a year ago)
X Factory X-6 Cubed B4 Conversion Kit (B4/4.1/4.2)
To start, I've never drove an X-Factory vehicle but I race with one of their sponsored drivers. This conversion kit really is an excellent kit for anyone racing. It's surprisingly durable so don't worry about breaking the parts. HOWEVER, my problem with their kits is you first need to purchase a B4 Team Kit THEN you have to buy the conversion kit. In the end, your spending almost as much on a 1/10 scale 2wd buggy kit as what it would cost for a 1/8 buggy. MIP has a "Pro8 Pro4-Mance E-Buggy Conversion Kit" to convert a SCT to a 1/8 buggy for $100 so there is no reason this kit should cost as much as it does... In the end, if you have the money and are dedicated to both AE and the 2wd buggy class, then this kit is a good buy. Otherwise, save some cash and stick to the stock B4.2 or TLR 22 2.0.
Russell Thomas
Friday, Oct 18 2013 (about a year ago)
X Factory X-6 Cubed B4 Conversion Kit (B4/4.1/4.2)
will this car EVER be released? i can get a centro for LESS than this conversion and the donor b4.2 required