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Saturday, Jun 22 2013 (about a year ago)
Blade Nano QX RTF Micro Electric Quad-Copter
I am a rookie, BUT I can fly it. I have several Helicopters, they are very difficult. EXCELLENT!!!
Ben Dyson
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Dec 30 2014 (5 months ago)
Blade Nano QX RTF Micro Electric Quad-Copter
Great product! My 9 year old was comfortably flying "missions" from room to room on his second battery and my 13 year old is trying to figure out what to land on/in next! Get many spare battery packs as you will regret not having them. It has joyfully bounced around our home with no damage. Highly recommended product that parallels the service from A-Main. Many thanks.
Charles Saul
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jun 30 2013 (about a year ago)
Blade Nano QX RTF Micro Electric Quad-Copter
Fun! This is my first flying machine. I had a "hovercraft" back in 1978 that I ordered from the back of a comic book...disappointment!! The Nano QX is great! Exactly what I'd hoped for! I did my research and decided this would be the best choice to learn on. On about the third battery I was able to keep it in a relatively stable hover. Keeping it at the low rate and in stability mode makes it easy to get a feel for it. Durable! I've bounced it of off just about everything in the house. Drops from ceiling to floor. Rotors are well protected, even from above. The frame is made from a plastic that has some flexibility to it. The one issue I've had is fine dog hair. Took it into a dust bunny. After cleaning it up the left rear rotor is still a bit slow. I have to trim the heck out of it. New motor ordered, hope that does the trick. I recommend getting at least two or three extra batteries...You'll want them! This thing is fun! And A Main gets an A+ for great service and a quick delivery! Thank you!