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Michael Griffin
Saturday, Jun 29 2013 (about a year ago)
Align RCE-BL15P Brushless ESC w/Governer Mode
The ESC that came with my T-Rex250 kit, worked for the first two flights, and then it started to overheat. After about two minutes of mild hovering only, the ESC overheated, and went into limited throttle mode. After the 5th flight, the BEC failed completely. Align has a warranty for this product, and you have to ship it to Align. I love A Main hobbies. I've spent a lot of money with them, and I have no complaints. However, they DO NOT honor the Align warranty on these items. I was very disappointed with that, but I bought the "Castle Creations Phoenix 25" from A Main, and I'm very happy with that. (I was planning on this up-grade early on. I don't think the Align 15amp ESC is adequate for a screaming 250!).