Bantam Check Master-II Plane & Heli Tester

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This is the Bantam Check Master-II Plane & Heli Tester. The Check Master-II combines all the best features of the original Check Master with the Heli Master, so you can test your planes and helis with one simple device.

  • Precision pulse generator to test servos
  • You can test any brand of servo for movement, deflection, neutral point and band width. The unit's internal battery powers your servo during testing, so you won't need to hook your servo up to a second battery.
  • The Check Master 2 also displays the current (amps) your servo is drawing. This makes it easy to choose the right RX battery for your plane or heli - just add up current draw of all your servos.
  • Propeller tachometer
  • For your planes - Precision optical tachometer up to 6 blades and 34000RPM. Up to 10 incidental RPM can be stored in the unit's memory.
  • Rotor blade tachometer
  • For your helis - Precision tachometer up to 4000RPM. Rotating-drum type slit synchronize system. Up to 10 incidental RPM can be stored in the unit's memory.
  • Temperature sensor
  • Be sure to pick up a temperature sensor cable (not included) so you can take advantage of this feature. Ideal for testing all power system components.
  • Automatic power off and back-light off
  • To make sure you won't be left with a dead tester at the worst possible time, the Check Master 2 powers off when there's no user action taken for 10 minutes. The back-light will go off after one minute of inaction, helping provide even longer battery life.

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