2012 Silver State: Final Qualifying Results

April 21st, 2012

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I know what you’re thinking, and yes; it’s hot. The track, the cars, and the drivers have all been thoroughly baked by the scorching Southern Nevada sun, and most racers are sporting sunburns that they didn’t have when they arrived. Despite the heat, a complete lack of the wind that has defined this event throughout its history has been mysteriously missing…and no one is complaining. The track is also holding up better than any other Silver State course in recent memory; credit that to a great job by the track crew, several truckloads of new dirt, and an awesome layout with fast, sweeping sections and tight, technical areas.

What a recovery! Ryan Maifield made up for a lackluster first round with strong runs last night and this afternoon; he’ll follow Jared Tebo into the first corner (well, maybe…) in the Truck A-Main, and lines up third in Buggy behind Jared and A Main Hobbies – ProTek R/C team driver Dylan Rodriguez.

The Arm Crossing Crew

When you can’t find the cars or driver, photograph the next best thing.

Last year’s Truck class champion Ty Tessman quietly (pun intended; Ty is among the shyest and quietest racers around) worked his way into the top five on the grid for both of tomorrow’s finals.

A Main Hobbies and ProTek R/C team drivers’ final qualifying results:

Ryan Lutz – 7th in the A Main
Cody King – 9th in the A Main
Mark Pavidis – 11th in the A Main
Dylan Rodriguez – 6th in the B Main
Chad Bradley – 10th in the B Main
Curtis Door – 5th in the C Main
Marty Korn – 7th in the C Main

Dylan Rodriguez – 2nd in the A Main
Cody King – 4th in the A Main
Mark Pavidis – 8th in the A Main
Ryan Lutz – 3rd in the B Main
Barry Baker – 5th in the B Main
Chad Bradley – 6th in the B Main
Marty Korn – 4th in the C Main
Andy Smonik – 8th in the C Main
Curtis Door – 10th in the D Main

The full main event lineup is below. Can you find your local heroes?

Winner of 2WD Short Course at last month’s The Dirt Nitro Challenge in Phoenix, AZ, ProTek R/C-powered Andy Smolnik TQ’d the class this weekend as well.


Ryan Lutz set TQ in 4WD Short Course with his ProTek R/C-powered Team Durango DESC410R

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