2012 Silver State: Wrap-Up

April 26th, 2012

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The racing action at this year’s Silver State Nitro Challenge was even hotter than the weather! Kyosho frontman Jared Tebo looked poised to sweep the event, as he dominated the Pro Truck final from the TQ position, then sprinted away from the field from that same starting spot in the Pro Buggy final. But a flameout on the first pit stop, and subsequent engine issues throughout the final, bumped Jared down the order and left him to fight for a podium position. Team Associated’s Ryan Cavalieri, the runner-up from Pro Truck, was the beneficiary of Tebo’s rare mechanical issues and out dueled teammate Ryan Maifield to grab the Pro Buggy class win.

Expert Truck Podium (L to R)
Cody King (4th), Ryan Cavalieri (2nd), Jared Tebo (TQ and 1st), Taylor Peterson (3rd), Ryan Lutz (5th)

Final Finishing Order:
1. Jared Tebo (TQ)
2. Ryan Cavalieri
3. Taylor Peterson
4. Cody King (A Main Hobbies)
5. Ryan Lutz (ProTek R/C)
6. Ty Tessman
7. Dylan Rodriguez (A Main Hobbies – ProTek R/C)
8. Jeremy Kortz
9. Mark Pavidis (ProTek R/C)
10. Adam Drake
11. Jesse Robbers
12. Ryan Maifield
13. Ryan Lopez
14. Matt Castellano

Expert Buggy Podium (L to R)
Ty Tessman (4th), Ryan Maifield (2nd), Ryan Cavalieri (1st), Jared Tebo (TQ and 3rd), Cody King (5th)

Final Finishing Order:
1. Ryan Cavalieri
2. Ryan Maifield
3. Jared Tebo (TQ)
4. Ty Tessman
5. Cody King (A Main Hobbies)
6. Adam Drake
7. Chad Bradley (A Main Hobbies – ProTek R/C)
8. Carson Wernimont
9. Matt Castellano
10. Ryan Lopez
11. Mark Pavidis (ProTek R/C)
12. Jeremy Kortz
13. Dylan Rodriguez (A Main Hobbies – ProTek R/C)
14. Richard Saxton

The Open classes at this year’s event mired each other, as the TQ of each class held on for a convincing win while the second and third qualifiers failed to finish on the box. Jonathan Hernandez’s road to a sweep of the Open Truck class didn’t come easily, as a poor start left him mired in the pack; he needed 16 laps (of 52 completed during the 30-minute main) to regain the top spot for good. Dylan Elliott, however, took the easy route and led every lap on his way to nearly lapping the entire field.

Open Truck Podium (L to R)
Fred Steele (4th), Kyle Partridge (2nd), Jonathan Hernandez (TQ and 1st), Shane Lyon (3rd), Dillon Hoffman (5th)

Final Finishing Order:
1. Jonathan Hernandez (TQ and 1st)
2. Kyle Partridge
3. Shane Lyon
4. Fred Steele
5. Dillon Hoffman
6. Dane Jackson
7. Matthew Sistrunk
8. Andy Carrillo
9. Troy Sears
10. Greg Antill
11. Michael Vincent
12. Mark Schroeder
13. Aaron Kallio
14. Ricky Racer

Open Buggy Podium (L to R)
Michael Vincent (5th), Dane Jackson (3rd), Dylan Elliot (TQ and 1st), Shane Lyon (2nd), Andy Carrillo (4th)

Final Finishing Order:
1. Dylan Elliott (TQ)
2. Shane Lyon
3. Dane Jackson
4. Andy Carrillo
5. Michael Vincent
6. Bryan Goyette
7. Josh Alton
8. Mike Acero
9. Chris Marrale
10. Garrett Tokuno
11. Fred Steele
12. Kellen Freeman
13. Jonathan Hernandez
14. Ricky Racer

Not even the 40+ classes were exempt from impressively boring domination, with the Top Qualifier of both the truck and buggy divisions each adding a win to top off a successful weekend. Texan Mike Battaile, who seemingly entered every class he could, chocked up another podium finish in Boulder City by stomping the Truck division on his way to a two-lap victory over Las Vegas local Greg Antill. In the Buggy class, new-for-2012 A Main Hobbies and ProTek R/C team driver Barry Baker beat former World Champion Mark Pavidis for the TQ spot, led every lap, and cruised to a comfortable win to back up his victory in the class at last month’s The Dirt Nitro Challenge.

40+ Truck Podium (L to R)
Greg Antill (2nd), Mike Battaile (TQ and 1st), Aaron Kallio (3rd)

Final Finishing Order:
1. Mike Battaile (TQ)
2. Greg Antill
3. Aaron Kallio
4. James Green
5. Rod Salmon
6. Randy Joslin
7. Keith Henry
8. Blade Luna
9. Craig Kaplan
10. Fred Krailert
11. David Dydasco
12. Eddie Gomez
13. Billy Townsend
14. Todd Sherman

40+ Buggy Podium (L to R)
Mike Battaile (3rd), Barry Baker (TQ and 1st), Tim Long (3rd)

1. Barry Baker (TQ) (A Main Hobbies – ProTek R/C)
2. Mike Battaile
3. Tim Long
4. Mark Pavidis (ProTek R/C)
5. Keevin Sharp (ProTek R/C)
6. Vincent Rangler
7. Mike Kazz
8. Harley Hall
9. Mitch Stratford
10. Greg Antill
11. Todd Sherman
12. James Green
13. Mike Acero
14. Aaron Kallio

Just as they did at The Dirt Nitro Challenge, ProTek R/C-powered teammates Andy Smolnik and Ryan Lutz swept the 2WD and 4WD Short Course Truck classes, respectively, with each earning convincing TQ’s and wins.

2WD Short Course Results 4WD Short Course Results
1. Andrew Smolnik(TQ)(ProTek R/C) Ryan Lutz(TQ)(ProTek R/C)
2. Mike Battaile Mikey Bustamante
3. Gus G. Brent Smith
4. Jim Berry Mike Battaile
5. Mike Kennedy David Jenson
6. Oscar Spratley Jason Smith
7. Randy Weber Robbie Collins
8. Chris Margolis James Meeker
9. Mike Kazz Oscar Spratley
10. Mango Derrick Trinidad
11. Craig Muegge Paul McLain
12. Phillip Zouka Darren Mather
13. Greg McGlothlin Jay Smoker
14. Kendall Bennett Kyle Johnson

One of the most exciting races of the weekend came in Pro Electric Buggy, as TQ Adam Drake tried to hold off Jeremy Kortz for much of the A Main. Though Drake was faster around most of the track, Kortz’s ability to double into the rhythm section and jump all the way out – clearing the next five jumps – more than made up the difference in lap times. The two chased each other around the track for the entire ten minute race until a a few mistakes dropped Kortz, who was leading when the field came by to start the final lap, to the third spot just as Carson Wernimont finished his charge through the field to finish second. Carson’s march through the rest of the electric buggy drivers was among the most impressive stories of the whole weekend; enduring overheating issues throughout qualifying, he started the A in 12th after bumping up from the B main!

Pro Electric Buggy Podium (L to R)
Ryan Lutz (4th), Carson Wernimont (2nd), Adam Drake (TQ and 1st), Jeremy Kortz (3rd)


Final Finishing Order:
1. Adam Drake (TQ)
2. Carson Wernimont
3. Jeremy Kortz
4. Ryan Lutz (ProTek R/C)
5. Drew Moller
6. Taylor Peterson
7. Dylan Rodriguez (A Main Hobbies – ProTek R/C)
8. Jesse Robbers
9. Barry Baker (A Main Hobbies – ProTek R/C)
10. Kyle Johnson
11. Mike Battaile
12. Greg McGlothlin
13. Cody Smith
14. Mikey Bustamante

Open Electric Buggy Final Finishing Order:
1. Kellen Freeman
2. Shane Lyon
3. David Jenson
4. Stan Takashina
5. Daniel Jurgensen
6. James Meeker
7. Kenny Northern
8. Jay Smoker (TQ)
9. Paul McLain
10. Michael Vincent
11. Ken Rendall
12. Josh Alton
13. Jason Smith
14. Jesse Carrillo

(Photos: John Cary, RC Car Action)

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