Leon Luke talks about the Huntsville RC Heli Funfly

May 3rd, 2012

Huntsville was a great event with all the great pilots, and also a well organized funfly thanks to Tommy and Troy for a running a great event.  The weather held out despite the dire weather forcast for Saturday.  Green grass and Sunny skies meant that a great time was had by all.  Thanks to Wesley for hauling the tent and tables from New York!  Again we had a great presence with the A Main Hobbies tent/canopy to gather with the team and friends/visitors.  I had a couple of opportunities to help some local pilots with their machines and low and behold both of them were A Main Hobbies-sourced helis!  I guess they saw our tent!  The feedback that I get from them is that they really appreciate that A Main Hobbies is there in the field to give back by supporting their customers or potential customers; I think this is one of the reasons why A Main Hobbies is making such a splash in the heli world.  Without a doubt we proved again that we don’t take a second seat to any of the heli teams out there and I mean ANY team in terms of maximizing our presence and effectiveness, with Frank, Wesley, Greggor, Tim, Andrew, Devon, Derrick, Chris and myself.  One of the highlights was the A Main Hobbies team flight, that finished to cheers and screams from the on lookers.  I hope to make it to back to this event next year!

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Posted by Leon Luke

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