Barry Pettit Victorious at AMS 3.0

June 15th, 2012

The third annual Alabama Manufacturers Shootout was held this past weekend in Cullman, Alabama, and with all the top notch names present it promised to be a exciting race. The track was indoors which kept the 560 drivers dry and in the shade throughout the hot weekend. Supprisingly, the building stayed ventilated well and the track stayed in great shape with a few bumps in some key spots. The AMS 3.0 crew had the event planned and prepared very well for the excellent racing that was to come.

The track had a mixture of well grooved areas and some areas that had a layer of dust on top. This made tire choices for the mains difficult, but gave a perfect racing situation because it had different surfaces and some drivers did better in some areas than others. With the many off camber turns and elevation changes, the track demanded a lot of attention and a proper placement for the drivers racing line.

Qualifying day was very stressful in that one mistake could cost a driver a spot in the A-Main and with track being so high speed it was very difficult to make a full qualifier without a mistake. After the long day of qualifying it was fianlly time to see how all the runs placed us in qualifying. The Pro nitro classes were packed with impressive drivers from all around the country. I ended up qualifying 4th in the B-main of truggy and 9th in the A-main of Pro Buggy. The electric classes were also very close. I top qualified Electric truggy and 9th in Electric buggy. It was evident that the mains were going to be fun and full of fast paced racing.

The Pro truggy was a great race and while in the second position, the car unfortunately flamed out leaving pit road. I was able to drive back and catch Mark Pavidis and battle him for the bump spot on the last lap but he got to the finish line first. The electric truggy main was fast paced with their awesome power; I won both of the double A-Mains to place first overall for that class. Electric buggy was also a close race and with rough starts in both mains I ended up 6th overall for the weekend. The Pro Buggy A-main was a nerve wrecking and intense 45 minutes. With a decent start I was running in 5th place for a long time to get the podium spot, but towards the end of the race I began to make a few mistakes and allowed drivers to pass me. This put me finishing in the 8th postition at the end of the race. It was a great warm up to get ready for the Nationals next week and my father and I are excited about the trip to PA!

Our ProTek R/C batteries and chargers performed flawlessly throughout the weekend. The electric classes were tight and every ounce of power was needed, and ProTek R/C was there to provide! Thanks to everyone at AMain and ProTek R/C for your great support!!

The weekend was very fun and full of close battles. Again the AMS crew and Jimmy Babcock did a fantastic job! This will be a race to attend next year and you can bet that you had better sign up early to get a spot!

Here’s the final Electric Truggy A-Main event, which I won to seal the deal. Fast forward to 8:30 to watch the huge victory lap backflip!

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