Andrew Merlino Kicks Off His Weekend at the Extreme Flight Championships

June 15th, 2012

The 10th Annual 2012 Futaba Extreme Flight Championship started today without a hitch. Eighteen of the world’s top RC Pilots are carefully chosen every year at the home of the Academy of Model Aviation to compete for the Gold.   Only 2 pilots will win, one helicopter and one airplane.

A Main Hobbies Helicopter Team Pilot Andrew Merlino is competing for his second year at XFC and spent all day Thursday on the AMA grounds practicing his routines and tuning his pair of Align T-Rex 700E electric helicopters for this weekend’s competition.  Andrew, who is 17 and has been flying RC for 12 years now, is from Tewksbury, MA and today he completed his first two rounds of flights feeling confident he would make it to the next round of competition.  Watching his flights were amazing as always and he should score well in the first two rounds.
Team A Main recognizes Andrews months of practice and dedication to the sport and hopefully Andrew can walk away with a spot this year on the podium for himself and Team A Main.


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Posted by Derrick Threatt

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