Austin Blair Reports on the15th annual Hot Rod Hobbies shootout.

July 31st, 2012


This was the 15th annual Hot rod hobbies shootout located in sunny Santa Clarita, CA with the weather in the mid 90s the whole time.  This track is a tire eater, with a new set of tires every run, and if that wasn’t enough you had to scrub them in before you even hit the track.

My first run with my Associated b44.1 was a surprise to me. I didn’t know my car was going to feel that good. I didn’t change anything from my set up last week at the Jconcepts race. In 1/8 scale my Tekno EB48 was a little different. At first it was ok but I needed to make some suspensions and tire adjustments . I made the needed adjustments and the car was working really well. My Associated b4.1 was running ok.

In both 2wd and 4wd I’ve made some driving adjustments. I can see these adjustments have been paying off and I seem to be getting more consistent in my driving. This is in part to suggestions I’ve received from Amain Hobbies team manager Marty Korn.

I had a lot of ups and downs in qualifying, with either some mechanical issues or some driving errors on my part. In 1/8th scale I was able to secure the TQ position with a clean consistent driving effort during the 4th qualifier. In 4wd I managed to qualify 10Th with 15points. I tied with two other drivers for the 8th, 9th and 10th position. It was determined by overall times but I was excited either way to make the A main. In 2wd I qualified toward the back of the pack in the C main. 2wd seems to be my current weak spot. I now realize it’s more of a finesse driving style and I’m currently working on this. I know in the end this class will make me a better overall driver.

So now we’re on to Sunday, where the real fun begins. In A1 of 8th scale I was hit on the first lap, first corner and ended up falling back to 9th or 10th. I was about 10 seconds from the lead cars but put my head down and drove the best I could. I ended up finishing 3rd.  A2 came around and after leading the first few laps, I had a problem with an ESC wire getting caught around my servo horn. This caused the servo to freeze and ended my race. A3 was my last race of the day and after it was said and done I ended up finishing 5th overall.

4wd all the pressure was relieved when I made it into the A main. In A1 I managed to drive smart and passed people as they made mistakes while making my way up the field to finish 6th.  In A2 I made a few bobbles and ended up 10th.  In A3 I just wanted a clean run but after the first lap, while coming onto the straightaway I was hit from behind, which caused my car to spin out. I ended up finishing 8th for the round and 9th overall.

In the 2wd main I wanted to try and get a smooth consistent run and finish the best I could. My run ended a lap early when the shock end was pulled out after a nasty landing after the center triple. I ended up finishing 8th in the C main.

This race was a good warm up race for the 10th scale nationals for me in a few weeks. I was learning how to drive on a smaller track, being patient and backing it down a little can make all the difference in the world.

Special thank you to Marty Korn for all his hard work and letting Curtis, Eric and I stay with him and his family during the week. Oh I cannot forget Raider what a cool dog.

Thank you to my sponsors: A main hobbies, Protek RC, Tekno Rc, Airtronics, Castle creations, Aka tires, Rc-trim, and (TNP)Top Notch Paints.


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