Cody and Paul King Talk 2012 Nationals, Past Success

July 9th, 2012

This years ROAR National was in Pennsylvania, and having never been there, it was a nice change of pace. We didn’t run the warm-up race so we felt a little behind the curve. No excuses, but it’s always a good idea to run at the facility at least once before a big race, to get acclimated and understand the track better.

Photo: Neobuggy

The track and facility were prepared really well. Everyone was hopeful the track would groove up, but unfortunately it started blowing out. The set-up was tricky with high speed high grip sections and also dry slippery blown out areas. The rhythm section on the back right side didn’t really have any right or wrong way to go through. The guys were just carrying as much speed as they could and rolling through it. The car, engines, fuel, tires and everything worked great all week.

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Posted by Aaron Waldron

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