JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals Report

July 16th, 2012

What a busy weekend! With nearly 250 entries packed into the pit area (and overflow space allotted in the receiving section of the warehouse) at Outback Raceway for the 2012 JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals, the action inside the warehouse was as hot as the weather outside. For the third year in a row, racers from Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, and as far as Florida met the fastest Californians on the sticky and tricky Outback clay course for two days of competitive off-road racing.

The big story of the weekend was JConcepts team driver Tanner Denney, who improved his performance from a year ago by taking the Top Qualifying spot in three classes, two of which he went on to win. A Main Hobbies and ProTek R/C team driver Tyler Vik, last year’s Open 2WD Buggy champion, ran off into the sunset in Open 2WD Truck with a dominating performance in both qualifying and the main event. The most crushing win of the weekend, however, came in the Pro 4 Open Short Course class at the hands of Matthew Olson, who was the class of the field in qualifying and smashed the competition by winning the A Main with a one-lap cushion behind the wheel of his prototype MIP Pro4Mance conversion for the Losi TEN-SCTE.

Class: Novak Novice
Finish Name
1  Garrett Spaulding
2  Roy Birchler
3  Jordan Meyer
4  Chuck Messer


Class: Schuur Speed Stock 2WD Buggy
Finish Name
1  Terry Wickum
2  Josh O’Connell
3  John Scott
4  Dominic Favorito
5  Joe Kinsella
6  Dujuan Moore
7  Tanner Matesa
8  Jeff Matesa
9  Shon Wilcox
10  Ron Schuur


Class: Tekin Open 2WD Buggy
Finish Name
1  Steven Hartson
2  Tanner Denney
3  John Walentia
4  Brent Thielke
5  Tyler Vik
6  Eric Albano
7  Curtis Door
8  Brian Strange
9  Chris Jarosz
10  Cody Turner


Class: Radiopost Stock 2WD Truck
Finish Name
1  Cameron Kerndt
2  Tanner Matesa
3  Jeff Matesa
4  Brian Romo
5  Walter Pinto
6  John Taylor
7  Jeff Lorenzo
8  Jim Bishop
9  Joe Kinsella
10  Keith Henry


Class: Team Losi Racing Open 2WD Truck
Finish Name
1  Tyler Vik
2  Brent Thielke
3  John Walentia
4  Ryan Matesa
5  Eddie Bernal
6  Brian Strange
7  Randy Pike
8  Jack Ingberg
9  Aaron Biner
10  Phillip Atondo


Class: Mylaps Open 4WD Buggy
Finish Name
1  Tanner Denney
2  Curtis Door
3  Eric Albano
4  Steven Hartson
5  Austin Blair
6  Zachary Rogers
7  Chris Jarosz
8  Justin Moon
9  Brian Strange
10  Tyler Vik



Class: Team Associated Pro 2 Stock Short Course
Finish Name
1  Matthew Olson
2  Dominic Favorito
3  Cameron Kerndt
4  Todd Pearson
5  Scott Keith
6  Eustace Moore
7  Jeff Lorenzo
8  Drew Lorenzo
9  Kendall Bennett
10  Mike Kozourek


Class: Team Associated Pro 2 Open Short Course
Finish Name
1  Tanner Denney
2  John Walentia
3  Eric Albano
4  Cody Turner
5  Aaron Biner
6  Brett Bowen
7  Terry Wickum
8  Sawyer Bruer
9  Ron Williams
10  Mike Maxwell


Class: Thunder Power Pro 4 Open Short Course
Finish Name
1  Matthew Olson
2  Steven Hartson
3  Jason Moberly
4  Sawyer Bruer
5  Jonathan Hernandez
6  Brett Bowen
7  Patrick Zhao
8  Cameron Kerndt
9  Chad Bradley
10  Louis Figueria

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