4th annual Nor-cal champs race

August 3rd, 2012

After back to back to back races I end up at Norcal Hobbies for their annual Norcal Champs race. Winners in each class win a trophy belt, with second and third getting trophies. I decided to only run two classes this weekend, 2wd and 8th scale electric. All a-mains were in the triple a format, which meant solid consistent runs were needed. Four rounds of qualifying, with your best two counting towards your starting position.  If only it were that easy, I had only two runs in each class that I finished without any problems. 2wd has never been my strong suit when it comes to racing, as I’ve been known to drive too aggressive for this class, but I’m working on it. I was happy when I found out I qualified in the 4th spot, and grabbed the TQ in  1/8 ebuggy.

A1 in 2wd came around on Sunday. I didn’t make many mistakes and had a really clean run and ended up 2nd.  In A2 I was in the second spot but made some mistakes and finished in the 3rd spot. Eric Albano already claimed the belt with victories in both A1 and A2. I knew I had a chance at 2nd place overall, so I had a positive mind set going in to A3. With the other drivers making mistakes and me being in the right place I was able to pass both of them and took over the lead. I ended up finishing 1st and 2nd place overall.





Now for 8th scale electic,d uring qualifying I had some equipment issues and ended up not finishing two of my four qualifiers. Once the mains started everything was working perfectly. After a few laps in A1 I had a decent lead and backed it down a notch from my usual driving style. Unfortunately for Jesse Stark he broke out at which point I settled into a nice groove and won A1. In A2 I tried to do the same and had better success. I had about a half a lap lead on second place and ended up winning A2.  I ended up finishing first overall for the event and captured my belt.



The trophy girl left early for some unknown reason, which didn’t bother me.  Luckily I brought my own trophy girl Amber, who rocked the one and only “Austin Blair Amain Hobbies” t-shirt. I gotta say she looked really good wearing my T-shirt. Thanks to Amber for coming to the race with me today and getting a glimpse at what I do for fun.




Shout out to the Nor-cal hobbies crew for hosting an awesome event.

Thank you to my sponsors- Amainhobbies, Protek RC, Tekno RC, Airtronics, AKA tires, Castle creations, Rc-trim, and TopNotchPaints.

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