Chad Bradley Talks Silver Dollar R/C Raceway

September 11th, 2012
A Main Hobbies proudly hosted their first event “Labor Day Shootout” at the all new world class facility Silver Dollar R/C Raceway, located in Chico Ca. The facility is at Chico’s Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, complete with r/v & camping hookups, permanent restrooms, showers, and plenty of parking. The Silver Dollar Fairgrounds is home to a BMX and Go Kart tracks as well as a full scale dirt oval track. Chico ca is located roughly about 1 hour 45 minutes north from Sacramento Ca and a few hours from San Francisco. Coming in 2013 Silver Dollar R/C Raceway will host the Ifmar 1/10 Electric Off road World Championships and I would guess many major events in the future.
The Facility
Silver Dollar R/C Raceway’s facility has the best driver’s stand I have ever gotten to race on. The driver’s stand size is by far the largest I had seen, which could most likely hold up to 20 or more racers at any time, because of this it was very easy to just walk up and drive, no waiting in lines for practice at this event. Not only was the size impressive but there are two handicap driving spots available (and in great viewing spots on the driver’s stand), a huge race control room and big viewing areas as well as grand stands around the track. The roof over the driving area wasn’t completed for the event, the design of the supports for the roof allows for more drivers and a 180 degree unrestricted view of the track because the supports are behind the drivers and not next to them. The huge pit area is built over concrete (so no more dirty shoes, pit bags and sore feet), it will also have permanent covered pit area with tables, chairs, power and cleaning areas. The parking around the track is enormous and I would be very surprised if it comes close to being full. Plenty of stores and food are minutes from the track.
The Track
The track is huge (200′x 100′) the layout was very fun, fast and flowing. The surface held up amazingly well for this being an 1/8 scale event, there was a strait shoot in the infield where some pot holes formed half way through the mains, but nothing major. Some may not notice this, but what I feel was the most important aspect about the track was how consistent it stayed the 4 days we ran on it. Since the track was so consistent, lap times, traction and the racing surface never changed from the start of practice to the end of the event, which is extremely important when a track holds National or World level events. The Silver Dollar track has a ton of traction, having the latest and greatest tire isn’t too important here, I would say any medium size lug and medium rubber compound works extremely well, I saw some racers using complete slicks and they looked to still have plenty of traction! Most likely the best lighting system that an R/C track has ever had, we got the privilege of racing round 3 of qualifying under the lights for the Labor Day race and there was zero issues seeing any part of the track. Once everything is complete I would have to say that Silver Dollar Raceway will set the bar on track and facility world wide.
I had a great time racing at the new Silver Dollar Raceway, A Main Hobbies and the crew of people who put the place together did more than any racer could wish for. I would have to say I have a new favorite track and I cant wait to go back up there soon for the US Pre Worlds race in October and many more events in the future!
Chad Bradley

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