Silver Dollar Raceway’s 2012 Labor Day Shootout by Eric Albano

September 15th, 2012

The grand opening of Silver Dollar Raceway took place this year over Labor day weekend. The new track is located at the fair grounds minutes away from A Main Hobbies. The place looked amazing with a big track, a lot of room for pitting and a huge drivers strand. The layout was well designed and made for a lot of fun. The traction is amazing with just about any tire or compound working. Kendell and everyone else involved with the creation of Silver Dollar proved that with a lot of hard work and devotion that you can build a world class track that everyone can enjoy.

Since it was Labor Day weekend, many other plans and races took away from entries. With a light turnout they were still able to go over 100 entries. I am not much of a nitro racer so this was kind of a new experience for me. This being only my fourth race ever with a nitro buggy, I was trying to be ready for anything. I got there Friday after school for a little practice and just to hang out. Lucky me I had a motor bearing go bad during one of my last runs so I had to take that apart overnight.

Qualifying began on Saturday with 3 rounds of it. I ran just buggy, because of me still getting into it. I chose to run JConcepts 3D’s in yellow for qualifying. My first two rounds were not the greatest for my expectations putting me barely in the A so far. Some of this was due to my tank having a leak in it. By the third round I got most of my problems figured out and was able to put in a descent run. The following night was of corse another rebuild session.

It was sunday and was the last qual of the race. I did a lot of work to my buggy and it payed off. I lead my run for a majority of the time until I made some bobbles. That run put eighth overall which I was pretty happy anout. Since I was the last race of the day, I spent most of my time rebuilding and hanging out. I watched the pro truggy main with Austin Blair and Tyler Vik having an awesome battle for the win. Tyler was able to take control at the end and take the overall. By the time I was up the track was way different. I chose to run yellow crossbows for the main wanting a tire that would last. It started with the leaders getting grouped up and allowing me to catch up. A was doing pretty good until I bobbled and fell back. I got to about 18 minutes of the 45 minute main until I had some mechanical failure. Oh well. These things happen.

Overall it was a great experience. After watching what happened to Lutz in both mains, I realized that anything can happen in nitro. Even without finishing I had a great time. Thanks to A Main for making this track possible and to all my sponsors for all the support. Especially to all my teammates. I don’t know what I would do without all your support.

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Posted by Eric Albano

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