2012 Worlds – Day 3 – Seeded Practice..

December 4th, 2012
Some unexpected rain mixed things up in the morning. Everyone knew there was rain in the forecast, but this came earlier than expected. We learned some things in yesterday’s final practice but that all would change because the traction was different today. By the time Cody was up to run the track looked as if it had returned to form. The appearance was deceiving however, as the tires Cody had chosen in his last run yesterday worked really well, but had too much traction with the added moisture in the dirt today.

Day 3 Track With Wood Chips Applied

The day started out difficult, but ended on a good note. Today was two practice runs with the last 5 minutes used to seed you into your qualifying heats. First run today was horrible and traction rolling making the car flip off the track. We realized that we had made too many changes from our original set-up, and decided to go back. Adding new parts to the car that we never tested is a bad idea, even if it seems like it might work in practice. There’s just not enough time to test everything so you have to go with what you know works right away. Now we got back to basics and the final run of the day was much better, 8 seconds quicker than the first run in only 5 minutes on the clock. The car was easier to drive and no crashes the last run for a decent result. This was critical for seeding so Cody doesn’t end up in the slower groups. Once seeding is done, you are stuck in that group for three days of qualifying. It can be very difficult to weave through traffic and battle from the lower groups. Cody’s Kyosho teammate from the UK, Elliot Boots was on fire today, as he set a blistering pace in both practice runs. It didn’t seem to matter what tire or set-up changes he made, he was just fast. We were a little hesitant to look closely at his set-up becasue he basically drove anything fast in these early sessions, and we feel the track may come more to our set-up in the later stages. Cody’s Proline teammates Dakotah Phend and Ty Tessman were also quick, landing in the 3rd and 4th spots respectively. All the Proline drivers are armed with a nice variety of tread designs and a new compound, so Proline should be very competitive come Saturday. We’re excited about the new Proline stuff. Qualifying tomorrow! me&co-pit me&hakkan elliot Stitched Panorama Posted by Cody King RC

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