A Main Hobbies Outback Raceway Will Host “Stock Spec” Series

February 1st, 2013

Chico, Ca, January 31, 2012 – Test your skills against Northern California’s top stock racers in Outback Raceway’s Electric Off-Road Stock Spec Series. Outback Raceway will host a Wednesday night and Saturday night “Spec Series” for 17.5 stock spec racers. Racers will have the opportunity to purchase a Speed Passion V3 ROAR Spec 17.5 fixed endbell motor at cost for $35. Racers that enter the Stock Spec Series will receive $5 off of their entry fees, essentially paying back the cost of the motor during the six race series. Only four races will count towards your series points total with two race throw-outs. There will be stock spec classes for 17.5 2WD buggy, 17.5 4WD buggy, 17.5 Short Course, and 17.5 Stadium Truck. All races will be held on Outback Raceway’s grippy, indoor surface. Comfortable, heated pitting is available to accommodate over 100 racers. A Main Hobbies fully-stocked warehouse will be available for parts, tires and anything else you might need during the races. Come race the Stock Spec Series if you think you have what it takes. Awards and prizes will be given out at the end of each series.

Spec Series Dates & Rules

  • Wednesday Night Spec Series, dates 2/6, 2/13, 3/6, 3/13, 3/20 & 3/27 (Racing starts @ 7:00pm)
  • Saturday Night Spec Series, dates 2/9, 2/16, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23 & 3/30 (Racing starts @ 5:00pm) 
  • Classes: Spec 2wd Buggy, Spec 4wd Buggy, Spec Short Course & Spec Stadium Truck
  • 6 races with 2 throw-outs
  • All other classes will have points totaled for bragging rights, but will not be awarded at the end of the series
  • Spec classes will use Speed Passion V3 ROAR Spec 17.5 with Fixed End Bell, part number SPA138175V3-FIX
  • Only (1) spec motor is available per class. If you burn up the motor, you’ll need to purchase a new motor at full retail for $49.99 + tax.
  • Spec motor will cost $35+tax and will be available at Outback Raceway
  • Discounted motors, ESCs or motor/ESC combos will be available at the track store on race nights 2/16  -3/16 during the warehouse front counter’s normal buisness hours.
  • Motor claimer rule: Claim your motor. If at the end of the night you feel someone in your class has an unfair motor advantage you can claim that motor for the full retail purchase price $49.99+ tax. You have the choice to allow the claim or deny the claim. If you deny the claim you motor is DQ’d from the series and marked by the track. If you’re caught using your DQ’d motor your motor will be confiscated and you will be DQ’d from the event.
  • Open Stock motors will be allowed to run in the Spec Series classes but will not have points counted
  • Spec Class entry fee $10 first class $5 each additional class with purchase of Spec motor from A Main Hobbies. Non-spec entry fee will be the standard $15 first class, $10 second class and $5 each additional class.
  • Points awarded as follows: 1st = 100, 2nd=98, 3rd=97, 4th=96 and so on, no points after 50th place
  • TQ = 2 bonus points
  • Awards for top 3 in all Spec classes (must have a minimum of 10 racers in four series races)
  • Other Notes: 
    Several A Main Hobbies employees have been running the Speed Passion V3 ROAR Spec and their lap times are identical to the laps times they’ve run with other more expensive motors with timing. The motors are efficient and can be geared up for maximum performance, but gear at your own risk. We recommend keeping the motors below 160-degrees Fahrenheit.




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