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May 15th, 2013

You just got into RC racing and a bunch of information is being thrown at you. You’re hearing all kinds of things regarding set-up, how to drive, what to use and it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. We put together a few tips to help you with some simple trackside tasks that often get overlooked. Whether your ready to sauce your tires, build a new ball differential or cutout a freshly painted body, we’ve got you covered.

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Tire Sauce Tips

Use caution when using and applying tire sauce. Most sauces are toxic and eye irritant.

The longer tire sauce is allowed to soak into your tires the more drastic the effect. For minimum effect apply sauce and once dry, use your tires.

For maximum effect apply a liberal amount of tire sauce and put your tires into a sealable bag. You can even add a few sprays into the bag. Keep the bag sealed until use.

Ball Diff Tips 

Most ball diffs can last far longer than you ever imagined by using these tips.

Use 220-grit sandpaper oiled with WD40. Using a flat surface such as glass or a firm pit board; slowly sand one side of each drive ring. Do this lightly for about 30 seconds. The ring will be much straighter and will appear scratched. This is what you want.

Using the sanded side of the drive rings towards the diff balls, build your diff as usual. Tighten your diff a half turn more than normal. Run one battery while applying throttle smoothly. After the run you can loosen the diff to the appropriate setting. Your diff will last and last using this method.

Body Trimming Tips 

We all love a freshly painted body. Here’s a few simple tips to help you trim it out and mount it perfectly.

Curved lean scissors are the best tool for the job but long straight cuts can be difficult. For long straight cuts pull a piece of tape along the bodyline you wish to cut. Having the straight line of tape will make these difficult cuts a breeze.

For wheel wells and engine holes cut close to, but not all the way to the bodyline. Then use a sanding drum to finish the job. This will give you the perfect result you were hoping for.

In cases where body mount holes are not visible apply black grease to each body post. Then slowly place the body over the vehicle in the correct position. Lift the body up straight and you will have four perfect grease marks where your holes need to be.




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