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June 9th, 2013

Hot Bodies, Kyosho and Associated benefit from the efforts of Ty Tessmann. The young talent was one of the fastest racers all-weekend long running cars from Kyosho and Team Associated, both manufacturers who do not sponsor Tessmann. Hot Bodies is currently developing a 4WD buggy for the upcoming World Championships, so Tessmann opted to run a B44.1 in 4WD. Tessman raced a Kyosho RB6 in 2WD because Hot Bodies does not currently offer a 2-wheel platform and it’s a possibility that they never will. Tessmann has been on a terror the last few years showing that he can win with anything. He is the reigning 1/8-scale Buggy and Truck National Champion. He is also the early favorite going into the World Championships.

His victories at the Pre-Worlds also speak to the capabilities of the RB6, which was used by Kyosho’s Jared Tebo, David Ronnefalk and Cody Turner who all made the A-Main with the car in mid-motor trim. If Associated had their druthers they would have preferred that Tessmann ran the newer B44.2, which all of Team Assocaited drivers ran, but Tessmann felt comfortable with the B44.1; he was obviously fast with it! tessmannstand


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Posted by Jason Sams

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