Traction For Pre-Worlds, Oh So Sweet

June 7th, 2013

The Silver Dollar R/C Raceway’s new clay-mix soil was a heated topic during Thursday morning’s practice session for the Pre-Worlds. Drivers were struggling to find traction, often looping out in corners and sending their cars off of the jump faces pitched sideways. The dirt at A Main Hobbies’ SDRCR is new and the only race that’s been run on the new surface—the Silver Dollar Off-Road Challenge— was for much larger and heavier 1/8-scale vehicles, which put down tons of rubber and fuel. The traction was sick! Unfortunately, with packing the surface and changing the features for the smaller 1/10-scale vehicles the surface wasn’t so hooked up, initially. It was concerning to say the least, but the team managers met and it was ultimately decided to sugar the track. That’s right, pure cane sugar was added to the surface, nearly 600-pounds and then soaked to seal the track. Once dry, the track produced tons more bite. Lap times dropped dramatically, and the focus quickly changed from finding traction to finding tenths of a second.

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Posted by Jason Sams

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