4 Different Modified Champions Crowned At ROAR Nationals

August 12th, 2013

In the four Modified (pro) classes four different drivers were crowned the 2013 National Champions.

Modified SCT 
In Modified SCT, Team Associated’s Ryan Maifield, who said it “wasn’t easy”, walked away from the field in both A1 and A2 main events. Maifield never cracked under the early pressure in both races from TLR’s Dustin Evans, and eventually pulled out a comfortable lead. Maifield won with Team Associated’s recently released SC10.2.


Modified Truck 
TLR’s Dakotah Phend was the class of the field in qualifying, and it looked like he should be able to wrap up the National Championship if he could keep his truck on four wheels. Unfortunately for the young gun costly mistakes plagued him in both A1 and A2 giving Kyosho’s seasoned veteran Jared Tebo the lead and eventual win. Tebo admitted to running a “comfortable pace” and not pushing in hopes that his competitors would be bitten by the technical track. His strategy paid huge dividends in the form of a Championship title. Tebo ran what will soon be Kyosho’s RT6 platform.


Modified 2WD 
What happened in Mod Truck for Dakotah Phend would be the complete opposite in Mod 2WD. As luck would have it, Team Associated’s steady and usually mistake-free “Ryan duo” practically handed over the National Championship to Phend in Modified 2WD. In A1, Cavalieri and Maifield battled back and forth allowing Phend to loom behind them in third. Both Ryan’s hit the track’s triple  just before the straightaway, midway through the race, at nearly the same time. Either both drivers simultaneously hit the jump wrong or were caught by a gust of wind because they both crashed and were upside down being marshaled when Phend snuck by on the inside. In A2, both Cavalieri and Maifield broke away again looking to have a little more speed than the rest of the field. On lap two of the race Cavalieri struggled over the same triple while leading. His Associated CML C4.2 buggy got turned around after landing funky off of the jump. Meanwhile Maifield’s buggy was touching down and setting up for the corner as Cavalieri’s buggy  ran head into Maifield’s car. Again, Phend snuck by the tangled cars and was in charge of the race. Maifield would make a serious run at Phend’s 22 2.0 (rear motor) buggy, picking off drivers along the way, but his charge fell just a few seconds short.


Modified 4Wd 
Hot Bodies Ty Tessmann was the fastest 4WD Modified racer at the Pre-Worlds a few months back, and again he was the fastest at the ROAR Nationals. Tessman top-qualified the race with a  prototype Hot Bodies D413, which was carefully protected by the HB crew. Apparently, HB and the car’s designer, Torence DeGuzman, want to protect the design elements they’ve been working on for quite some time. We do know that the buggy has some unique supports for the front and rear shock towers. We also know that the battery is positioned on one side of the chassis. From the looks of it on the track, the D413 accelerates hard and gets out of the corners super-fast. Although the new buggy looked great, it was Tessmann who was at it’s controls, and will undoubtedly be the favorite going into the IFMAR World Championships.


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Posted by Jason Sams

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