ROAR Nationals Day 1 at A Main’s Silver Dollar R/C Raceway

August 9th, 2013


The ROAR 1/10-scale Off-Road Nationals are under way at A Main Hobbies’ Silver Dollar R/C Raceway. The nation’s top teams and drivers are represented and are vying for the marketing opportunities presented by winning such a prestigious race. The A Main crew including new-hire, Kevin Jelich (Race Director), put in a stellar racetrack with elevation changes, triple jumps, and tricky hitters that are posing problems even for the elite drivers.

The usual suspects are fast with Hot Bodies’ Ty Tessmann top qualifying both first rounds in Modified 2WD and Modified 4WD. Tessmann is running a prototype Hot Bodies’ D413 4WD buggy that looks absolutely hooked up. “I can drive the car faster because it’s so durable. I haven’t broke much in testing and that gives me a lot of confidence to push the car harder” says, Tessmann.

Team Associated’s “Ryan” duo are again showing why they travel the world representing the industry’s most storied race team. Both Cavalieri and Maifield are battling with Tessman as the class of the field. Cav and “Mansfield” are running the new CML C4.2 mid-motor conversion of Team Associated’s popular B4.2 2WD buggy. Team Associated just announced that they will soon be distributing the conversion.

TLR’s Dustin Evans and Dakotah Phend have both been quick. Phend is running TLR’2 22 2.0 in rear motor configuration. He is the only top 10 driver running a rear motor car, and he is super fast with it. His single fastest lap times are some of the quickest of the first round. TLR’s Evans was leading the first round of 2WD qualifying and it looked like he might take the TQ honors, but a few mistakes put him third for the round.

Pro-Line’s “X2” compound tires have been a hit thus far. A Main Hobbies has sold quite a bit more of PL’s new compound than initially expected. Several top drivers from various teams are now running the “X2″ compound, especially the Suburbs 2.0 rear buggy tires. Many of them are also likely running them because they will be the “spec” tire for the IFMAR World Championships in six weeks and it only makes sense to get as much time on the tires as possible. Tessmann TQed both classes with the new rubber.

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Posted by Jason Sams

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