Southern Nationals With Ryan Lutz

October 6th, 2013

This past weekend was the Southern Nationals in West Monroe, Louisiana. Home of Duck Dynasty so I’m told. Yahoo the racing was great with a large turnout and I believe 26 full heats of racing. Coming by my of to this one I stuck to three classes. Those were Nitro and E buggy as well as Nitro truggy. The tack was good sized with 37 second lap times and a very fun layout. There was also a crossover which I am not usually a fan of but I think this was the most well done one I have encountered. (I did however take an ETruggy to the Kidney while marshaling the crossover. But it’s my fault for not paying attention. It got me in my soft spot at least! ;-)

Happy to be racing!

The track was pretty loose with major goals being to find ways to make some traction. My personal success with that goal was hit and miss but I did what I could and came away with not great results but still respectable. In qualifying I was able to take Q1 and Q3 victories in EBuggy to take the overall TQ. In Nitro buggy I too TQ of Q1 but couldn’t back it up and settled for 3rd. In truggy I missed TQ in Q2 by .1 after a huge comeback from a an early crash but fell short the other rounds to qualify 2nd.

In EBuggy we ran triple A’s and the first was run near the end of our 17 hour Saturday race day. I went out and drove a very clean run and led wire to wire to take the win. Now to carry that magic over to Sunday. Well out of the gate Sunday my throttle finger wasn’t cooperating. As I made a few mistakes in A2 I could feel my finger staying on the gas to long or to heavily and it just caused all sorts of poor driving. I settled for 2nd. In A3 I led out the first few laps but the track had gotten rough. I was struggling on the triple before the straight and it ended up biting me as I landed wide and it put me n a drag race with Drake but I pushed out to far clipping the pipe and sending me tumbling. Wasn’t able to catch up my lost time and settled for 2nd overall.

TQ and 2nd

In Truggy it was doomed from the start. I chose the wrong tire for the conditions and my driving style. Then after first pit stop my rear shock blew out and I drove 20 minutes witha completely pogo’ed rear end. All the hard hits continued to abuse my truck and it started falling more and ore apart. I kept turning laps though and many others were having failures as well. All things considered I limped around for 20 minutes and still came away with 6th.

DNX408T Action!

In Nitro buggy I really wanted the win. On the first couple corners the leaders messed up and as I checked up the field behind me didn’t and I fell back to mid pack. I worked my way back up and found myself in 3rd. A few minutes later I made a sweet pass over my dreaded triple passing P1 and P2 to take the lead myself and the crowd went nuts! It was awesome. Soon after though I was tagged by one of those I had passed and I crashed and never fully recovered. I made one last charge with about 6 minutes to go getting within 6 seconds of the leader but old bobble to many times to end up 2nd. I’m sure it didn’t help that my rear chassis brace came loose in a hit within the first 8 minutes of the race causing my body to jack up a bit and the rear of my chassis to fold down giving me like a rear kick-down. Any who I had a good time and enjoyed spending time with some of my good friends. Looking forward to my next event and hopefully the results will include some more wins!

Some Proto Action

I think i'm getting taller! :-o


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